Our Dentist For Children in Lincoln, NE Offers Children’s Dental Care Tips

Free Children’s Dental Health Month Activities and Materials for Elementary, School-Aged Children:

Children's Dentist presentation by dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

Taking Care Of My Mouth (Presentation)
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Children's Dentist handout from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

“Taking Care Of My Mouth”
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High School Teens Dental Health Material:

Teens presentation from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

Your Smile, Be Beautiful, Be Healthy (Presentation)
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Teen's handout from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

Download: “Your Smile, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful?” Handout.
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helpful tips from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

“Coaching Tips for Teen Smoking”
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How can parents choose a dentist for children in Lincoln, NE?

Safety, kindness, patience, and quality service delivery are important hallmarks of dentists for children at Nebraska Family Dentistry. We have wonderful dentists for children at all seven Nebraska Family Dentistry locations.

Our Dentist for Children in Lincoln, NE Shares 8 Children’s Dental Care Tips To Help Kids and Teenagers Have Healthy Teeth

8 tips for parents on how to help your children enjoy Children's Dentists in Lincoln, NE

Looking for Toddler Dental Care Near Me in Lincoln, NE or a Children’s Dental Health Clinic? We Can Help!

We get it, finding exceptional care for your little one can be difficult because, as parents, we always want what’s best for our kids. To help, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you find top-notch care and to help you promote healthy children’s oral health habits.

1. First and foremost, be sure to find a friendly dentist who provides pediatric dental care in Lincoln, NE. Family dentists who love treating kids in their practice will advertise this on their web page. Ask friends and family where they take their kids for pediatric dental care in Lincoln, NE. Another way to get a good idea of a dental provider and their team is to look for online reviews.

Search engines such as Google offer online reviews and star ratings, which can be a huge help in your search for the “best dentist in Lincoln, NE” or in finding a “top dentist near me in Lincoln, NE.”

Once you have narrowed down potential locations for children’s dental health clinics, stop by or give the office a call to see if you can have a tour. Chances are, just by calling the office you’ll be able to gauge how warm and friendly the rest of the team will is – this alone might just be enough to help you decide if you want to join their dental family.

2. Teach your kids the importance of going to the dentist regularly for checkups. Having regular pediatric dental care in Lincoln, NE will help the dentist to identify any potential dental problems before they become more extensive.

3. Teach your kids the importance of maintaining a healthy diet low in processed sugars to avoid cavities and problems with the gums. Your dentist for children in Lincoln, NE will discuss healthy alternatives to sugary junk foods with your kids and help influence them toward a healthier lifestyle.

4. When talking about an upcoming visit to the dentist for children in Lincoln, NE, explain what a checkup entails with your kids, especially younger children. Always use positive language when discussing upcoming dental visits.

5. If your child requires restorative pediatric dental care in Lincoln, NE and has an upcoming appointment, avoid using any negative language or words that may create anxiety for your child. Avoid words like pain, hurt, shots, etc. It is best to avoid discussing details of appointments with young children. Your dentist for children in Lincoln, NE has a unique way of explaining the treatment to your child during the appointment that will not create any anxiety or negativity about the treatment.

6. Many parents have had negative experiences in the dental office, especially during their childhood. The best way to avoid having your child feel the same way about dentistry is by being very positive when talking about dentistry with your child and avoiding passing on your own anxiety about dental treatment by creating a negative outlook on how their experience will be. We are confident that we can provide a calm, easygoing experience while providing pediatric dental care in Lincoln, NE to your child.

7. Lead by example with excellent oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing daily and rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash together with your child will benefit everyone and reaffirm the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

8. Carefully examine your child’s teeth when you assist them with brushing and flossing. If you notice discoloration of their teeth or that your child is not eating normally or is complaining of headaches at school, this could be a sign that there is a health problem or dental problem. Remember that cavities do not hurt until they are extensive and require more invasive treatment methods. If you suspect that your child is experiencing dental pain, call a dentist for children in Lincoln, NE and schedule an appointment to evaluate their teeth.

Learn about healthy school lunch ideas.

cosmetic dentist Lincoln, NE near me smile quotes

CAQs for Our Dentist for Children in Lincoln, NE

Q: When should my child see a dentist?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: Kids should see a dentist for the first time around the age of 1, or approximately 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth. Usually dental visits with your dentist for children in Lincoln, NE at this age include an exam and dietary and oral hygiene advice for parents.

Q: When do babies start teething?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: Generally, babies start teething around 4-6 months of age, although some babies start teething later. Generally, the first teeth to erupt are the lower central incisors, around 6 months old. A dentist for children in Lincoln, NE can be a great resource for questions about how to soothe a teething baby.

Do kids lose their molars?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: Kids have two sets of baby molars, and they lose both sets at different times. The first primary molar is usually lost around age 8, and the second primary molar is lost around ages 10-12. Every kid develops slightly differently, so these ages can vary. It’s a good idea to see your dentist for children in Lincoln, NE regularly to make sure the teeth and jaws are developing properly.

Q: Are sealants the same as fillings?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: Sealants are a way to prevent cavities, rather than treat cavities that have already occurred and is a normal preventive treatment in pediatric dental care in Lincoln, NE. Sealants are a flowable resin material that is applied directly to the chewing surfaces of permanent molars to make them easier to brush at home. Some kids benefit from sealants if they have very deep pits and grooves in the anatomy of their teeth. Other kids who do not have these developmental features may not need sealants to avoid decay on this portion of the tooth. Your dentist for children in Lincoln, NE will evaluate your child’s teeth for signs of decay or deep pits and grooves at their exam.

Q: When should my child see an orthodontist?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: Each time your child visits us, we monitor their growth and development and will discuss orthodontic concerns with you. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first orthodontic consultation around the age of seven. Not every child requires early orthodontic treatment, but often certain alignment issues can be corrected during specific times during the development of teeth and jaw. We work with skilled orthodontic providers and refer our patients to them regularly.

Q: How much are crowns for baby teeth?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: You can do an internet search for a “dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” or simply contact your dentist for children regarding an estimate for crowns on baby teeth. Because crowns for baby teeth are prefabricated and not made in a dental lab, this makes the cost of them much lower than lab-made crowns for permanent teeth.  The price can vary based on your individual insurance plan and any limitations it may have.

Q: What is a good age to take away a pacifier?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: It is ideal to take away pacifiers and break thumb or finger habits by the time a child can speak, but critical to take it away by the age of 4. If children continue to use a pacifier or have a thumb or finger habit past age 4, the development of their permanent teeth and upper jaw can be significantly affected. Talk to your dentist for children for ideas to help break these habits.

Q: Is there a children’s dentist near me in Lincoln, NE? What about a children’s dental health clinic in Lincoln, NE?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: All seven of our locations throughout Lincoln are happy to serve patients of all ages and provide pediatric, kid-friendly dental care in Lincoln, NE. You can follow the link below to find a location near you.

Q: Where can I find a dentist for children in Lincoln, NE?

Our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE answers…

A: We have locations throughout the city that provide dentistry for children in Lincoln, NE. You can click the link below to learn more about our friendly dentists and find a location near you with dental plans.


dentist for children of Lincoln, NE event for national kids dental health month 2018 banner

Is February Dental Health Month? YES! February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM).

Our talented dental team would like to take this time to educate children about good vs. bad dental habits that can contribute to oral health issues.

Teaching kids that having a good attitude about living a healthy lifestyle combined with developing good oral hygiene and dietary habits are very important in maintaining the oral health of your child.

Do you offer Children’s Dental Health Month Activities?

Yes, and by participating in NCDHM, our dentist for children can help educate patents, teachers, and children on how to keep their smiles beautiful for a lifetime. Dr. Kelly O’Hara, our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE and Nebraska Family Dentistry have prepared a fun and interesting presentation to help children (K to 5th grade) learn outstanding children’s oral health habits.

This presentation is interactive and gets the attention of children. Most importantly, however, it inspires children to take good care of their teeth and keep their teeth for a lifetime.
Please contact us if you would like our dentist for children in Lincoln, NE to come to your school during February (dental health month) or any other month. We would love to visit and bring an intriguing presentation including handouts for elementary age children. Please contact our community educators if you’d like to arrange a school visit at 402-304-3549 or email us at nebraskafamilydentistry@gmail.com
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