Smile Makeover


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Smile Makeover

Over time, it’s natural for a person’s smile to age. Even those that take great care of their teeth are susceptible to change in their smile. When this happens, many people will elect to have a smile makeover to improve their smile.

If you’re interested in upgrading your smile, experienced cosmetic dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry are ready to help.


Watch the “What is the difference between a Hybrid Prosthesis and Dentures?” Video

What exactly is a smile makeover?

If you’re growing tired of your smile, it’s probably time to upgrade. When you’re ready, our cosmetic dentists will work with you to develop a custom plan. Each smile makeover is different, allowing you to achieve the results you’re expecting.

Each of our cosmetic dentists knows several cosmetic treatments, including state of the art techniques. Based on this knowledge, your cosmetic dentist will determine potential solutions depending on what your expectations are. As we go throughout treatment, our cosmetic dentists will work with you to make sure you’re satisfied.

Even if you’re feeling embarrassed about your smile, our cosmetic dentists are glad to help you get the smile you want. We serve many patients who are concerned about their smile. We’re eager to help you find satisfaction and confidence in your smile.


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Our cosmetic dentists are not new to this profession. On the contrary, they’ve seen just about everything. You can probably bet that your oral health is not the worst they’ve seen. In fact, our dentists delight in helping people enjoy their smile, and we look forward to taking your smile to the next level.


What Are My Smile Makeover Options? 


smile makeover of teeth whitening in Lincoln, NE

Teeth Whitening

As a part of the oral aging process, teeth tend to become more yellow. While this is a natural process, many of us like to have beautiful white teeth. Since our smiles are often a part of peoples’ first impressions of us, white teeth can help us feel confident.

Professional teeth whitening comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer many different kinds of whitening solutions, ranging from dental veneers all the way to in-office whitening trays. We’re also able to provide sensitivity-free whitening for those with sensitive teeth.


smile makeover of white fillings in Lincoln, NE

Replace Your Old Silver Fillings

Over time, silver fillings often crack. These silver, or amalgam, fillings expand and contract in your tooth and are better off replaced with ceramic fillings. Even worse, they used to be made with mercury, which is known to be harmful to your overall health. Because of all this, many choose to have their amalgam fillings replaced.

When you elect to replace metal fillings, we’ll give you metal-free fillings. We’ll use a compound of ceramic materials to give you white fillings. With these, your fillings will blend right in with your teeth.


smile makeover of teeth grinding in Lincoln, NE

Repair Your Broken Teeth

At a certain age, your teeth become incredibly susceptible to cracks and breaks. Cracked teeth can quickly become a nuisance and even more so, painful. If that isn’t enough, anyone whose teeth are cracked will tell you that they aren’t attractive.


smile makeover of teeth gaps in Lincoln, NE

Fix The Gaps in Your Teeth

Some people find gaps in their teeth embarrassing and uncomfortable. Gaps in the front can feel especially embarrassing, and may even present problems eating or chewing. For some, these gaps can even give your face a sunken appearance, causing you to look older than you are.

Thankfully, we have a handful of solutions for gaps in a person’s teeth as well. Dental veneers will sometimes do the trick in helping you fill the gaps. If not, dental implants are an even better solution, and can even last a lifetime if you take good care of them.


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Rehabilitate Your Gums

If your missing tooth wasn’t knocked out, it’s likely it fell out due to gum disease. Over time, if your gums become infected, they’ll begin to grow loose. If that happens, they’ll be unable to hold your teeth in place, allowing them to fall out. It’s also possible to have gum disease if your teeth haven’t fallen out.

Prior to any cosmetic dental treatment, your gum disease will need to be treated. First, your dentist will need to see exactly what is wrong. If it’s gingivitis or periodontal disease, your dentist will treat the disease first, providing a sturdy foundation for cosmetic care.


smile makeover on tooth implant in Lincoln, NE

Cosmetic Solutions Post-Extraction

We offer a handful of solutions for teeth extractions. However, our best solution by far is called a Hybrid Prosthesis. The Hybrid Prosthesis is a state of the art tooth replacement procedure that places an implant retained bridge in your jaw, which will become natural-looking teeth. Unlike dentures, this implant retained bridge will not need to be removed at all. Instead, patients must simply treat them like real teeth – they will need to be cleaned by consistent brushing and flossing. We’re able to do this through our partnership with Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery.

Smile Makeover Case Stories

smile makeover in Lincoln, NE

Extreme Smile Makeover:
Case #1 Katelin

This patient hadn’t visited the dentist in several years. Her teeth had decay present, and the patient felt self-conscious about her smile. Although she came in thinking nothing could be done, we were able to remove the decay and place crowns over the damaged teeth. This solution strengthened her teeth and gave her a bright new smile she could be proud of.

smile makeover case 2 in Lincoln, NE

Extreme Smile Makeover:
Case #2 Taylor

Severe discoloration and worn down teeth from grinding brought this patient through our doors. He chose to both whiten and straighten his teeth with an extreme smile makeover. We used porcelain crowns to cap the teeth that were misshapen and we also bleached the teeth.

smile makeover case 3 in Lincoln, NE

Extreme Smile Makeover:
Case #3 Candace

Like many people, this patient grinds her teeth at night. Over time, grinding caused chips, cracks, and uneven teeth. We used dental crowns to strengthen and restore the teeth. We also gave this patient a mouth guard to wear at night, which protects her teeth from grinding.

smile makeover case 4 in Lincoln, NE

Extreme Smile Makeover:
Case #4 Michelle

This patient was seeking a straighter, whiter smile after graduating from law school. She wanted to appear more professional. These results were easily achieved. The secret? This patient now has dental veneers.

smile makeover case 5 in Lincoln, NEExtreme Smile Makeover:
Case #5 Karren

Here’s a good example of a “gummy smile.” The patient complained that her teeth appeared too short. In reality, she simply had a lot of extra gum tissue, covering the healthy teeth below. We used gum re-contouring and dental veneers to give her the smile of her dreams.

smile makeover 6 in Lincoln, NE

Extreme Smile Makeover:
Case #6 Cassidy

This patient had undergone cancer treatment and her teeth were negatively affected, causing her to lose all of her teeth. We completed a hybrid prosthesis, replacing all of her teeth with multiple dental implants and porcelain bridges residing over the implants. A hybrid prosthesis is composed of multiple crowns that are connected together.

A hybrid prosthesis makes a smile look beautiful, youthful, and simply perfect. This procedure is also called “Teeth-in-One-Day “ or an Implant Bridge.

smile makeover case 7 in Lincoln, NE

Extreme Smile Makeover:
Case #7 Alexandra

Multiple gaps between this patient’s teeth took a toll on her confidence. She wanted a solution that would be quick and easy, instead of spending years in braces. With a combination of veneers and professional whitening, her makeover took just a couple of weeks and produced amazing results.

Watch “Smile Makeover Stories” by Dr. Sydney  Joyce

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Check out the “Smile Makeover Stories” Infographic
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Think You’re Past the Point of No Return? Think Again!

The cosmetic dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry have been fixing up smiles for many years now. We find great joy in helping people fall in love with their smiles. You can believe that we’ve seen many smiles go from rough to ravishing throughout the years. There’s simply very little that we can’t do!

smile makeover dentists in Lincoln, NE

Many of our patients have had bad experiences with cosmetic dentistry before coming into our care. But we take great pride in our ability to help patients be satisfied. Dr. Alderman and Dr. Joyce are just two of our cosmetic dentists who offer great cosmetic care to our patients. If you’re thinking a smile makeover might be a good option for you, but are not sure, give us a call today! All of our locations offer excellent cosmetic care leaving your smile looking pristine. We’re happy to talk to you about the possibilities and we look forward to meeting you.


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There are few things that we find more fulfilling than creating great experiences for our patients. Schedule your free, complimentary consultation today!


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