Smile Makeover

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Smile Makeovers
By A Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist

Over time, it’s natural for a person’s smile to age. By and large, even those that take great care of their teeth are susceptible to change in their smile. When this happens, many people will elect to have a smile makeover.

So, if you’re interested in upgrading your smile, come and see a Lincoln cosmetic dentist at one of our offices. We have many dentists who are experienced in cosmetic dentistry at Nebraska Family Dentistry and we would love to help you.

In our article we’ll cover the following commonly asked questions and more:

How do I find the best Lincoln cosmetic dentist in my area?

When considering cosmetic dentistry, how do I find the best cosmetic dentist near me?

Where is the best place to get cosmetic dentistry near me?

Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?

What dental concerns can cosmetic dentistry fix?etic dentistry fix?

What exactly is a smile makeover by a Lincoln cosmetic dentist?

If you’re growing tired of your smile, it’s probably time to upgrade. When you’re ready, a cosmetic dentist will work with you to develop a custom plan. Each smile makeover is different, thus allowing you to achieve the results you want and expect.

Every Lincoln cosmetic dentist at our office knows the ins and outs of several cosmetic treatments, including those that require state of the art technique. Based on this knowledge, your Lincoln cosmetic dentist near me will determine potential solutions depending upon your expectations. As we go throughout treatment, the cosmetic dentist that you feel comfortable with, will work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Even if you’re feeling embarrassed about your smile, cosmetic dentistry can help you get the smile you want and deserve and our team is eager to help you find satisfaction and confidence in your smile.

Ultimately, our dentists find great satisfaction in helping people get the smile they want. We look forward to help you take your smile to the next level.

What Are My Smile Makeover Near Me Options from a Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist?

As a part of the oral aging process, teeth tend to become more yellow. While this is a natural process, many of us like to have beautiful white teeth. Generally speaking, our smiles are often a part of peoples’ first impressions. White teeth can certainly help us feel confident.

Professional teeth whitening comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer many different kinds of whitening solutions, ranging from dental veneers all the way to in-office whitening trays. Also, we’re able to provide sensitivity-free whitening for those with sensitive teeth.

Veneers before and after for whiter teeth

What about Botox® and Dermal Fillers?

In addition to multiple other cosmetic solutions, Botox® and dermal fillers are also a great option.

Botox® has many important clinical uses in dentistry, such as in TMJ and bruxism cases. In addition, Botox® can be used for chronic TMJ and facial pain, or it can boost esthetic dentistry cases. Alongside the previously mentioned uses, Botox® can also be used as a minimally invasive alternative for those who wear dentures – more specifically Botox® is an excellent option for those who are having difficulty adjusting to new dentures. 

Botox® is also an excellent choice for use in orthodontic cases – especially when it is necessary to retrain facial muscles. Also, Botox® can be used to surgically treat a high lip line and in some instances, it can also be used for lip augmentation.

Silver Fillings Replacement by a Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist


Over time, silver fillings often crack. These silver, or amalgam, fillings expand and contract in your tooth and as a general rule, you are often better off replacing silver fillings with ceramic fillings. Furthermore, those silver fillings were once made with mercury, which is known to be harmful to your overall health. Consequently, many choose to have their amalgam fillings replaced.

In any case, when you elect to replace silver fillings, we’ll give you metal-free fillings. We’ll use a compound of ceramic materials to give you white fillings that blend in beautifully with your natural smile.

Broken Teeth Repair by a Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist


At a certain age, your teeth become incredibly susceptible to cracks and breaks. Cracked teeth can quickly become a nuisance and even more so, painful. If that isn’t enough, anyone whose teeth are cracked will tell you that they aren’t attractive.

Fixing Gaps in Teeth done by a Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist

before and after

Some people find gaps in their teeth embarrassing and uncomfortable. Gaps in the front can feel especially embarrassing, and may even present problems when eating or chewing. For some, these gaps can even give your face a sunken-in appearance, causing you to look older than your actual age.

Nonetheless, we have a handful of solutions for gaps in teeth. Dental veneers will sometimes do the trick, but dental implants are an even better solution. What’s even better is that implants can last a lifetime if you take good care of them.

Gum Rehabilitation with a Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist


If your missing tooth wasn’t knocked out, it likely it fell out due to gum disease. Over time, if your gums become infected, the will become loose. Therefore, if that happens, they’ll be unable to hold your teeth in place and they will begin to fall out. It’s also possible to have gum disease if your teeth haven’t fallen out.

For this reason, prior to any cosmetic dental treatment, gum disease should be treated. Specifically, if it’s gingivitis or Periodontal disease, your dentist will treat the disease accordingly, thus providing a sturdy foundation for cosmetic care.

Cosmetic Solutions Post-Extraction Completed by A Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist


We offer a handful of solutions for teeth extractions. However, our best solution by far is called the Hybrid Prosthesis.

The Hybrid Prosthesis is a state of the art tooth replacement procedure that places an implant retained bridge in your jaw, which will become natural-looking teeth.

Unlike dentures, this implant retained bridge will not need to be removed at all. With this in mind, patients must still treat them like real teeth – they will need to be cleaned with consistent brushing and flossing. Furthermore, this amazing transformation is done through our partnership with Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery.

smiling happy woman background

Cosmetic Solutions Post-Extraction Completed by A Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist

Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Extreme Smile Makeover:

Case #1 Katelin


This patient had not visited the dentist in several years. Her teeth had decay present, and the patient felt self-conscious about her smile. Although she came in thinking nothing could be done, we were able to remove the decay and place dental crowns over the damaged teeth. As can be seen, this solution strengthened her teeth and gave her a bright new smile.

Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Extreme Smile Makeover:

Case #2 Taylor


Severe discoloration and worn down teeth from grinding brought this patient through our doors. He chose to whiten and straighten his teeth with an extreme smile makeover. Ultimately, we used porcelain crowns to cap the teeth that were misshapen and we also bleached the teeth. Truly, Taylor’s smile is awesome now!

Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Extreme Smile Makeover:

Case #3 Candace


If your missing tooth wasn’t knocked out, it likely it fell out due to gum disease. Over time, if your gums become infected, the will become loose. Therefore, if that happens, they’ll be unable to hold your teeth in place and they will begin to fall out. It’s also possible to have gum disease if your teeth haven’t fallen out.

Like many people, this patient grinds her teeth at night. Over time, grinding caused chips, cracks, and uneven teeth. We used dental crowns to strengthen and restore the teeth. We also gave this patient a mouth guard to wear at night, which protects her teeth from grinding. In short, she now has a stunning smile that has left her feeling confident.

Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Extreme Smile Makeover:

Case #4 Michelle


This patient was seeking a straighter, whiter smile after graduating from law school. She wanted to appear more professional. In fact, these results were easily achieved. The secret? This patient now has dental veneers.

Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Extreme Smile Makeover:

Case #5 Karren


Here’s a good example of a “gummy smile. This patient complained that her teeth appeared too short. In reality, she simply had a lot of extra gum tissue, covering the healthy teeth below. Actually, this too was an easy fix. Surprisingly, we used gum re-contouring and dental veneers to give her the smile of her dreams.

Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Extreme Smile Makeover:

Case #6 Cassidy


This patient had undergone cancer treatment and her teeth were negatively affected, causing her to lose all of her teeth. Therefore, we completed the Hybrid Prosthesis, replacing all of her teeth with multiple dental implants and porcelain bridges residing over the implants.

Generally speaking, a Hybrid Prosthesis is composed of multiple crowns that are connected together. Of course, a Hybrid Prosthesis can make any smile look simply perfect. This procedure is also called “Teeth-in-One-Day “ or an Implant Bridge.

Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Extreme Smile Makeover:

Case #7 Alexandra


Multiple gaps between this patient’s teeth took a toll on her confidence. Moreover, she wanted a solution that would be quick and easy, instead of spending years in braces. So, with a combination of veneers and professional whitening, her makeover took just a couple of weeks and produced amazing results.

Watch “Smile Makeover Stories” by Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sydney Joyce

Smile Makeover Stories lincoln ne
Smile Makeover Stories – Nebraska Family Dentistry

Check out the
“Smile Makeover Stories” Infographic
(Click the image)

smile wish

Your Smile Wish

Looking for options to restore or enhance your smile?

How do I find the best Lincoln cosmetic dentist in my area?

Everyone has their own definition of “best,” but still today one of the most reliable ways to find a great dental or medical provider of any kind is to ask for referrals from family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Checking credentials, looking at before and after of cosmetic dentistry photos, and scheduling a consultation to meet your potential Lincoln cosmetic dentist are all excellent ways to find skilled dental care.

When considering cosmetic dentistry, how do I find the best cosmetic dentist near me?

Using online resources such as Google reviews and the American Dental Associations Find-A-Dentist tool you’ll be able to narrow down a few dentists in your area. From there, you can ask family or friends for their recommendations. Word of mouth is also another excellent way to find a top-notch medical provider of any kind.

Where is the best place to get cosmetic dentistry near me?

The “best” place to get cosmetic dentistry does vary, but without a doubt it should be a dental office. For example if you are seeking dental veneers you would want to find a Lincoln cosmetic dentist who has placed a number of dental veneers. The same would go for implant dentistry or any other form of cosmetic dentistry.

The bottom line is to make sure that the Lincoln cosmetic dentist you are seeking is skilled in the area of dentistry you are considering. Ask family, friends, or coworkers for their opinion and referrals. Oftentimes, that’s one of the top ways to find a provider who can complete Your Smile Wish.

Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?

Almost all cosmetic dentistry cases are done to improve the appearance of your smile and are therefore considered elective. Being an elective procedure means that it is not medically necessary, which in turn, means dental insurance won’t cover the cost. Luckily, however, our team at Nebraska Family Dentistry offers affordable dentistry and great dental payment plans to make your smile wishes obtainable.

What dental concerns can cosmetic dentistry fix?
What is Botox® used for in dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry can fix various dental concerns – everything from stained, chipped, cracked, or even misaligned teeth can be fixed. Any of our skilled Lincoln cosmetic dentists can review options that would benefit you, ultimately giving you the smile of your dreams.

Botox® in dentistry is beneficial when used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for many things including TMJ, bruxism (teeth grinding), high lip lines, those who are having trouble adjusting to new dentures, and in orthodontic cases.

Can you trust a dentist to do Botox®?

While you might not think a dentist is the “best” person for your Botox® injections, you might want to consider that they have extensive training along with an enormous amount knowledge regarding facial tissues, muscles and nerves. Not to mention that they also do “facial” injections every day – the mouth and face are where they live.

Giving injections daily for dental procedures such as root canals or cavities, you can pretty well bet that a dentist is likely who you would want to do your Botox® injections.

Can I get dermal fillers done if I am on antibiotics?

Getting dermal filler done when you are sick is not a good idea. Should you choose to proceed with getting dermal filler done, there is a chance that infection within the body could get trapped in the filler, causing a localized infection. So, if you are on antibiotics and are sick, it is a good idea to wait it out and reschedule your dermal filler appointment.

Think You’re Past the Point of No Return? Your Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Says…Think Again!

The Lincoln cosmetic dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry have been fixing up smiles for many years now. We find great joy in helping people fall in love with their smiles. There’s simply very little that we can’t do!

Many of our patients have had bad experiences with cosmetic dentistry before coming into our care. For this reason, we take great pride in our ability to help patients. Dr. Joyce are just two of our Lincoln cosmetic dentists who offer outstanding cosmetic care to our patients. Give us a call today if you’re thinking a smile makeover might be a good option for you! All of our locations offer excellent cosmetic care that will leave your smile looking pristine. We’d be more than happy to talk to you and explore your possibilities.

Obviously, there are very few things that we find more fulfilling than creating great experiences for our patients. Schedule your free, complimentary consultation today!

Dr. Christine Bergman. If your search is for the "best female dentist in Lincoln, NE," be sure to include Dr. Bergman. She offers non-judgmental compassionate dental care in Lincoln, NE.

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This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “For the past years, I have been extremely privileged to be part of this great profession, which I have only grown to love more with each passing year. There is nothing more rewarding than teaching and helping my patients care for their smiles and helping them to be healthier overall. Quality dental care is my number one goal, but I also feel that patients deserve personalized care where they are given their options for treatment and can help decide what course they would like to take. While providing excellent dental care for you, I want your dental experience to be comfortable and positive.”

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist, or her partners, online 24/7 at a SouthPointe Dental Location near you. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities close to Lincoln. Some of the communities include Roca, Bennet, Firth, Crete, and Hickman!

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