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Dr. Kelly O’Hara: Your Family Dentist in Lincoln


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Meet your family dentist,  wonderful and compassionate, Dr. Kelly O’Hara.

Having bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English, she taught English at Northstar High School for a time. So how did she find her way into our office as a dentist?

Alongside her passion for English, Dr. Kelly has a passion for helping and positively impacting the lives of others. Her brother, the former Husker football player Dr. Travis Antholz, pointed out that dentistry was a great way to help people. Dr. Antholz explained to her that many don’t like the dentist, but that everyone needs to see the dentist, so it would be a perfect fit for her.

After mulling it over, Dr. Kelly O’Hara gave in and went to college to become a dentist. Now, after years as a dentist, she knows dentistry is exactly what she needed. Each day, Dr. Kelly O’Hara gets to help patients feel comfortable. By providing gentle dental care, she’s able to improve the health of many. Dr. Kelly O’Hara also values the opportunity to educate and inform her patients on oral health. Every day, Dr. Kelly O’Hara is sharing important information in a friendly way with her patients.

Dr. Kelly’s Passion

Dr. Kelly’s passion for a kind, caring dentistry makes her a great fit as a family dentist in Lincoln. She’s excellent with children and is glad to help them feel at ease. Her approachable manner allows her to connect with patients of all ages. Further, Dr. Kelly  O’Hara knows the value of education and can offer the information parents need to help keep their kids healthy, without lecturing anyone.

Dr. Kelly O’Hara is also skilled at cosmetic dentistry. She’s performed many smile makeovers, mercury-free filling procedures, implant-retained dentures placements, and much more. It’s her personal goal to offer approachable and affordable dental care to all.

More About Your Family Dentist in Lincoln

family dentist in lincoln ne dr. kelly o'hara
family dentist in lincoln ne dr. kelly o'hara

Catering To Your Children’s Dentistry Needs

Children’s dental care goes hand in hand with family dentistry. In fact, it’s inherent that any family dentist in Lincoln will need to have excellent children’s care. If you’re a parent, you’re looking out for the best for your child. It’ll be important to find the right dentist who makes your child feel comfortable and at ease.

If you’re looking for a family dentist in Lincoln who works well with children, Dr. Kelly O’Hara might be the perfect dentist for you and your family. Dr. O’Hara loves working with children. In fact, she used to be a teacher and has worked with many children over the years. Her young patients always look forward to seeing her. This is because she’s excellent at helping kids feel comfortable. If your child is feeling especially nervous about a dental appointment, Dr. Kelly O’Hara can help your child to feel comfortable at her care.

Why Find a Family Dentist in Lincoln?

While there are many great dentists out there, not all of them are family dentists. Having a family dentist can help provide a teamwork approach to good health. But we aren’t the team: your family is. Having a family help each other stay on top of their oral health is more effective than hearing it from their dentist.

Many parents aren’t exactly sure how to embed good oral health in their child’s routines. That’s what a family dentist is for! It’s the parent’s job to educate and help their kids keep their teeth healthy. However, it’s our job to support the parents. Family dentists are experts at educating parents and kids alike. Family dentists want to help parents be informed about the best ways to build healthy habits, the latest oral health research, etc. Then, parents can teach their children good habits, and our dentists can reinforce their teachings.

Give us a call today at any one of our offices! We’re glad to set you up with Dr. Kelly O’Hara if you need a family dentist in Lincoln ,NE area.

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