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Dr. Jon Isaacson

Dentist from Lincoln Family Dentistry

Dr. Isaacson is a compassionate dentist at Nebraska Family Dentistry who has years of experience and brings along a tremendous passion for all things dentistry. Dr. Isaacson truly enjoys pediatric dentistry in Lincoln, NE as well as cosmetic dentistry and creating new smiles for patients. Furthermore, he also enjoys the diagnostic side of dentistry and finding the cause for dental issues. 

Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Isaacson loves providing gentle dentistry, especially pediatric dentistry in Lincoln, NE. Offering compassionate, gentle dentistry for kids along with sedation dentistry and nitrous oxide for children, Dr. Isaacson can ensure your little one’s comfort.

Along with pediatric dentistry and providing an excellent experience for your little one, Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Isaacson will likely appear in your search results when looking for “clear braces near me” or “Invisalign® dentist in Lincoln, NE.”

Why Was Dentistry Your Chosen Profession?

I always knew that I wanted to do something to help people. It was a tough decision between medical school and dental school, but because I have always enjoyed being creative and using my hands and had a strong desire to interact personally with my patients, I knew dentistry was for me. Being able to see patients on a routine basis makes dentistry different from many other areas of medicine.” 

“In my opinion, a great dentist strives to produce great dentistry while creating a great dental environment for patients. Be honest and empathetic with patients and make them see that you genuinely care about their well-being.”

Lincoln, NE Dentist, Dr. Jon Isaacson – Education and Background

Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Isaacson gained skill and knowledge while earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Northwestern St. Paul, Minnesota, and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from UNMC College of Dentistry. Also noteworthy is that Dr. Isaacson spent time in his undergrad years working in other countries with his ministry group and special needs students, which, in turn, has had a profound impact on how he interacts with his patients today.

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Lincoln, NE Dentist, Dr. Jon Isaacson Focuses on Oral Health and Total Body Wellness

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Along with focusing on oral health, Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Isaacson without a doubt, knows the impact of oral health on total body wellness. “Dentistry and oral health are components of full-body health that can significantly impact your total wellness.” Dr. Isaacson believes that he can improve patients’ lives by creating healthy smiles through cosmetics, palliative treatment, or general dental care.

Importantly, Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Isaacson also believes that a great dentist will strive to produce excellent dentistry in addition to being honest and empathetic all in a positive environment, thus helping patients see that you genuinely care about their well-being. Driven always to do better has Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Isaacson setting the bar high to ensure that you or your loved one’s experience with him is outstanding.

Lincoln, NE Dentist, Dr. Isaacson Has Advice for Living Your Best Life. He says…

“Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability and never give up. Be sure to take the time to create good habits now to impact your smile long-term. Invest in your smile because it lasts a lifetime.”

Image of Lincoln, NE dentist, Dr. Isaacson and his family.

Dr. Isaacson and his wife, Sam, have two little girls. They also have a dog named Mona. Dr. Isaacson loves spending time with friends and family and enjoys playing or attending sporting events. Also, at the top of this gentle dentist’s list is being outside, either at a farmer’s market or riding bikes. In addition, he also like eating a great Italian meal at MoMo’s Pizzeria. 

Call and schedule today with Dr. Isaacson, your Invisalign® dentist near me in Lincoln, NE, today. Besides offering pediatric dentistry in Lincoln, NE, and “clear braces near me,” Dr. Isaacson truly loves dentistry and helping people; and he would be honored to be a part of your oral and overall health wellness journey!

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