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Nebraska Family Dentists extend their dental services beyond just fixing cavities.  We take the chance to educate our patients so that they are fully prepared to maintain their beautiful smiles for a lifetime and gain better overall health.

NFD Wellness and Live Longer & Better Awareness Program

We believe that Healthy Mouth = Healthier You

We are about:

Overall health awareness

We are about education

We are about community

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free kindergarten check up 2019

Free Kindergarten Check-ups

Participating Location

Kindergarten Dental Checks at Nebraska Family Dentistry

When it comes to chronic illnesses in children, tooth decay is at the top.

We Believe that Children’s Dental Health is closely related to Overall Children’s Wellness and Better School Performance.

Our children’s dentists offer FREE Kindergarten Dental Exams of the following days:
June 18th and July 16th

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Importance of Dental Health in the Elderly Population for Nurses/Caregivers

Attention: Nursing Professionals and Caregivers for Elderly Patients.

Our dental providers would like to take the time to educate nursing professionals and anyone involved in providing care to elderly patients. Our hygienists would like to share tips on how to help elderly patients to stay up on dental care while overall health is failing. 

We have a  presentation that provides your team with the knowledge they need to help patients with their dental care on a daily basis. We will cover many important topics to make dental care a success. 

understanding the importance of dental health for overall health in geriatric patients
understanding Biology 101 behind poor dental health in geriatric patients
understanding the structure of plaque and its relation to developing gum disease
periodontal disease  in geriatric patients
easy ways to help patients without dexterity, brush their teeth
best homecare techniques to remove plaque for elderly patients

Along with this interactive presentation, free snacks and free professional teeth whitening will be given to all employees who attend.

Please let us know, if you would like us to speak to your healthcare providers. Contact our main office at (402) 467-1000, if you’d like to arrange a time with one of our dental professionals.

You can check out the presentation here as well.

Presentation in Elderly people

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best new year resolution from your Lincoln, NE dentist

Free Health Oriented Presentation: Live Longer & Better

We believe that a healthy life can begin with just a few simple steps. Our dental professionals are passionate in teaching people about easy, simple ways to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, leading to people simply living Longer & Better. We offer a free presentation that is interactive and powerful. This particular presentation explains what the inflammation process is and what steps can be taken to Live Longer & Better.

While the presentation touches upon the importance of dental health, the main topic discusses the concept of inflammation in simple terms and how to lead an anti-inflammation lifestyle to help you feel your best. This motivational talk has one goal: to motivate people to take simple steps that can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Email our community outreach coordinator to schedule free presentation for your company or community group at

Watch “Smile Makeover Stories” by Dr. Sydney  Joyce


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