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Thank You To Our Community and Lincoln Journal Star For Choosing Us As “Lincoln’s Best Dental Office.”

We make every visit as enjoyable as possible. We offer many services and our highly skilled team is ready for you!

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Our Passion at Nebraska Family Dentistry

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, our dental professionals are dedicated to the relationship between oral health and overall health. Our vision is to improve the overall health of every patient by improving their oral health and collaborating with the appropriate healthcare professional(s). As a result of providing positive experiences to our patients, they enjoy seeing the dentist. Since they enjoy seeing the dentist, we are able to help them improve their overall health and well-being.

Three principals that "Lincoln's best dentist" incorporates into their care: education, science, and exceptional Gentle Dental care. Lincoln's Best Dentist near me

We are passionate about helping patients with dental anxiety overcome their fears in order to become healthier and improve their overall wellness. We aim to provide a positive experience for our patients by creating a relaxing and inviting environment at each and every one of our offices. Whether you are looking for someone to help you with routine dental cleanings or you are in need of a complete smile makeover, search for “Lincoln’s best dentist.” Chances are, that we offer the service(s) you are looking for. Pair that with one of our phenomenal, compassionate dentists and you will most definitely leave looking and feeling great.

Our Promise to Patients

Comfortable, Positive Experiences at Any of Our Locations

Are you looking for the “best dentist near me” or “Lincoln’s best dentist?”

We can’t claim we are the best dentists in Lincoln, NE, but we have worked and continue to work, very hard to carry the title “Lincoln’s Best Dentist.”

In the past, the Lincoln Journal Star awarded us the title for “Lincoln’s Best Dentist” and for this, we are extremely proud. We are thankful to the community of Lincoln for this opportunity and this title. To earn the title of “Lincoln’s Best Dentist,” everyone on our team is trained to deliver three promises to every patient at any of our family dental offices. 

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Guarantee #1:
YOUR comfort is our top priority!
Guarantee #2:
YOU will be seen on time.
Guarantee #3:
Exceptional customer service, YOU come first!

Our Passion at Nebraska Family Dentistry:
The secret to winning the title of “Lincoln’s Best Dentist” 

Our Lincoln, NE dentists have a desire to be the best in Lincoln by providing excellent and gentle dental care while focusing on the overall wellness of each and every patient. In fact, by offering relaxing offices, we create positive experiences for all patients. We are passionate about helping patients with dental anxiety overcome their fears, which will ultimately help them become healthier. By doing this, they will improve their overall wellness too.

Our vision is to improve the overall health of every patient by improving their oral health. The goal is to improve the overall health and well-being by collaborating with other healthcare professionals and providing every patient with a positive experience while in our care.

Learn how we cater to Dental Office Infection Control

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Our Promise to Patients from our Gentle Family Dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE

COMFORT and POSITIVE experiences at any of our locations.

Do you know anyone who is scared of the dentist or perhaps maybe they are simply embarrassed about not seeing a dentist for a long time? 

Searching for “Lincoln’s Best Dentist?” Meet our Gentle and Compassionate Dentists in Lincoln, NE

Dr Day nfd lincoln ne

Dr. Jodi Day serves patients in the West part of Lincoln, NE. This Lincoln, NE dentist provides quality implant permanent dentures, root canals, and gentle treatment for periodontal (gum) disease. If you are searching for a “family dentist” near West Lincoln, schedule day or night at Coddington Dental with this Lincoln dentist, Dr. Jodi Day.

Dr Kelly nfd lincoln ne

Dr. Kelly O’Hara is a family dentist. This Lincoln, NE dentist serves patients in the central part of the city. Dr. Kelly O’Hara offers dental services for the entire family. Besides providing family dentistry, this Lincoln, NE dentist makes comfortable, natural-looking, quality dentures and performs gentle root canals.  If you are searching for a caring “family dentist,” you and your family must meet Dr. Kelly O’Hara.

Dr Kathryn nfd lincoln ne

Dr. Kathryn Alderman is our expert in helping patients with dental anxiety. This Lincoln dentist serves patients in North and East Lincoln. If you are searching for a biological dentist in the Lincoln, NE area, schedule a consultation with this Lincoln, NE dentist.

Dr Brad Alderman nfd lincoln ne

Dr. Brad Alderman serves patients in West, South, and East Lincoln. This Lincoln, NE dentist is an expert in making a hybrid prosthesis (One Day Smile Full Teeth Replacement) implant permanent dentures, cosmetic dentures, and veneers. This dentist is also an expert in full mouth teeth replacement and extreme cosmetic smile makeovers.  If you are looking to have an extreme smile makeover, or are in need of total teeth replacement procedures, schedule your initial consultation with this Lincoln, NE dentist.

Dr Sydney Joyce nfd lincoln ne

Dr. Sydney Joyce serves patients in South Lincoln. This Lincoln, NE dentist is dedicated to providing a wide variety of dental services to the entire family. This Lincoln, NE dentist enjoys providing cosmetic dentistry from teeth whitening to instant orthodontics. Dr. Joyce also offers total teeth replacement with a Hybrid Prosthesis (Implant Bridge). If you are looking for a great “dentist near me,” you should meet this South Lincoln, NE dentist.

Dr kim polley

Dr. Kimberly Polley serves patients in North Lincoln. This Lincoln, NE dentist helps patients with dental phobia by combining dental treatment with sedation dentistry. This Lincoln, NE dentist provides emergency dental care and offers dental services of all kinds to serve the whole family. Dr. Polley also enjoys providing dental care to children. If you are looking for a “family dentist” in North Lincoln, you should meet this compassionate and kind Lincoln, NE family dentist.

dr. michael burbach

Dr. Michael Burbach serves patients in North Lincoln. This Lincoln, NE dentist is gentle, with many years of experience in making dentures. This Lincoln, NE dentist makes natural looking full and partial dentures.  If you need some or all teeth replaced and are searching for “denture dentist near me,” schedule an initial free consultation with Dr. Michael Burbach.

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You can schedule day or night at any of our family dental care centers at a location near you. Come and see us at any of our offices and see why we were voted “Lincoln’s Best Dentist.”

Together, Our Lincoln Dentists Offer The Following Dental Services:

Professional Teeth Whitening (Sensitive Teeth )
Dental Cleanings
Endodontic Services, Gentle Root Canals
Family Dental Care
Children's Dentistry
White, Metal-Free Fillings
Safe Removal of Metal/Mercury Fillings
Quality Dentures
Permanent Dentures
Hybrid Bridge For Full Teeth Replacement
Periodontal Disease (Gum) Treatment
Metal-Free Dental Crowns
Biological Dentistry

For your convenience, you can see one of our dentists in every part of Lincoln.  

Where can you find a dental office near you in Lincoln, NE?

Coddington Dental logo

West Lincoln Gentle Dental Office
Meet your West Lincoln Dentist, Dr. Jodi Day at:
Coddington Dental Location.

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North Lincoln Gentle Dental Office
Meet your North Lincoln Dentists, Dr. Kimberly Polley and Dr. Michael Burbach at:
Northstar Dental Location.

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South Lincoln Gentle Dental Office
Meet your South Lincoln Dentist, Dr. Sydney Joyce at:
Southpointe Dental Location.

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Central Lincoln Gentle Dental Office
Meet your Central Lincoln Dentist, Dr. Kelly O’Hara at:
Lincoln Family Dentistry Location.

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East Lincoln Dental Office
Meet your East Lincoln Dentists, Dr. Kathryn Alderman, and Dr. Brad Alderman at:
Preserve Family Dentistry Location.

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