Dr. Michael Burbach

Dr. Michael Burbach

Providing Gentle Dental Care in Lincoln, NE

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Picture of Dr. Micael Burbach who provides gentle dental care in Lincoln, NE and partial dentures in Lincoln, NE

It’s not easy to find gentle dental care in Lincoln, NE. In fact, our dentists know because they’ve tried in the past. For this reason, Dr. Michael Burbach has made it his mission to offer gentle dental care in Lincoln, NE to everyone who steps foot into one of our offices.

Dr. Burbach received a D.D.S. from the college of dentistry at UNMC. Because of his gentle approach to dental care, he’s developed relationships with many patients over the years. He has a fun sense of humor, a calming presence, and a kind-hearted approach to dentistry. For the most part, Dr. Burbach serves patients at our North Lincoln location, Northstar Dental. He provides many services such as general dentistry or restorative procedures, such as filling and crowns. Dr. Burbach also does partial dentures in Lincoln, NE. This is something that he has perfected and takes great pride in. Dr. Burbach wants every patient to leave feeling good about their smile.

“I am committed to providing my patients with the ultimate in dental health care, by using the latest techniques and equipment that will allow comfort during dental procedures. My team and I at Northstar Dental are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and safe environment for both adults and children. My goal as a dentist is to provide you and your family with high quality and gentle dental care so you can have a healthy mouth for a healthy life.

I am proud of the fact that I have developed a name reputation as a gentle Lincoln dentist. I try with every patient to uphold this reputation.”

              -Dr. Michael Burbach

Gentle Dental Care in Lincoln, NE for Anxious Patients

Most of us can honestly say that we don’t love seeing the dentist. Furthermore, many patients even experience serious anxiety when they have to visit the dentist. If that sounds like you, Dr. Burbach is a great option.

Finding a gentle dentist is an important priority for anxious patients. Dr. Burbach’s colleagues and patients both, describe him as a gentle dentist. His experience in dentistry gives him the upper hand when it comes to treating patients. He’ll make sure you’re comfortable and completely numb before treating you. In addition, he’s incredibly friendly and able to read his patients’ faces. This ensures a perfect experience for patients, every single time.

Dr. Burbach’s patients have great things to say about his dental care. His response? “I take care of everyone just like I would take care of my mom and dad. It’s that simple!”

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More about Dr. Michael Burbach, your gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE

What is your greatest accomplishment? Raising my four children.

How do you spend your free time? Going to church, spending time with my family, fishing, and running.

Best anti-aging advice? Stay physically and mentally active.

Dr. Michael Burbach’s tip for a great smile? Keep your gums healthy. If your gums are healthy and do not bleed, your teeth will look whiter.

More on Finding Gentle Dental Care in Lincoln, Nebraska

Finding gentle dental care in Lincoln, NE is important, especially for those who aren’t quite comfortable with the dentist. It is equally important to find someone who does quality partial dentures in Lincoln, NE. Finding both in one place can prove to be a challenge and Dr. Michael Burbach can without a doubt, do both jobs extremely well. We do know however, that no dentist is a one size fits all. If you’re looking for others in the area, you should check out the rest of our team. Each dentist on our team provides passionate, professional care.

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What It Takes to be a Gentle Dentist in Lincoln, NE

Most of us have had experiences at the dentist that were less than gentle. Finding a gentle dentist, one that provides gentle dental care in Lincoln, NE and one that can accommodate your needs and concerns without sacrificing excellent care, is tough. It’s even more challenging when a dentist isn’t affordable. At Nebraska Family Dentistry, we believe the following:

  1. Dentists should take great care of their patients, fixing any potential problems with precision.
  2. Patients should be comfortable and feel safe.
  3. Patients should not have to base their dental care on what they can afford.

Because of these beliefs, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Being a gentle dentist doesn’t only come down to kindness. It’s much more than that. We believe in offering the utmost care to our patients no matter what. Regardless of whether you are seeking dental care for a routine check-up or perhaps something more extensive such as partial dentures in Lincoln, NE, our dentists can and will take care of you.

Gentle Dental Care in Lincoln, NE: Can it be affordable, too?

Yes. We know because we’ve figured out the secret. By making our treatments minimally-invasive and incredibly affordable, we’ve served many patients over the years.

We offer a handful of different payment options, including options for those without insurance. Our partners at Lincoln Dental Plans make every dental office seem like a cheap dentist. They’re able to do this by offering dental discount plans for families and individuals without insurance. Click on their logo for more information.

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We also accept CareCredit. CareCredit works like a credit card and is made specifically for healthcare. This allows patients to pay as they go, so they don’t have to wait to get the treatment they need. Click their logo to learn more.

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We accept most major insurance plans and take cash, checks, and credit cards. If that isn’t enough, our many convenient locations throughout Lincoln all offer the same affordable treatment options and the same quality care.

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No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

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Make easy, affordable payments for your procedure with Care Credit.

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