Dr. Kimberly Polley

Dr kim polley

Dr. Kimberly Polley

Family and Cosmetic Dentist Teenager and Children’s Dentist in Lincoln, NE

Northstar Location

If you’re trying to find a family and cosmetic dentist or teenager and children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE who can help upgrade any smile, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Kimberly Polley is ready to take patients at our north location, Northstar Dental. She has a degree in Biology from Rockhurst University and in addition, a degree in Dental Surgery from UNMC.  Though her dental focus is cosmetic dentistry, she’s also happy to help with non-cosmetic treatments. Besides being a family and cosmetic dentist and a teenager and children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Polley has developed a vast array of skills, which allow her to treat patients of any age.

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Dr. Polley greatly appreciates her patients. She wants them to feel a deep sense of comfort while at the dentist. Most of us have had bad experiences with the dentist. As a result, Dr. Polley hopes to change that for her patients while providing care as a family and cosmetic dentist. She hopes to help patients know their importance, and feel safe and calm while in her care.

In the past, Dr. Polley worked as a nursing assistant and a legal aide. Both of these experiences have allowed her to meet many different kinds of people. Through this experience, Dr. Polley has gained additional experience. She’s able to help patients overcome dental anxiety, discomfort, and self-esteem concerns. For every patient, Dr. Polley wants to help them feel comfortable and confident when they walk out the door. Furthermore, she believes in treating each patient as if they were her own family member, and she won’t push anyone past their limit.

More About Your New Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Polley

Dr. Polley is not only a superstar inside the office. In fact, she loves traveling and has been to 17 different countries. Originally from Hastings, Nebraska, Dr. Polley also has siblings in California and Arizona.

When you come in for an appointment, be sure to congratulate Dr. Polley on her recent wedding! She married her fiance in June 2018. Since then, she and her husband have enjoyed spending their time outdoors, often hiking, and of course, traveling. Also, the two like to spend time with their dog, Pepper. Dr. Polley’s favorite restaurant in Lincoln is MoMo’s Pizza – a true classic. So far, Dr. Polley has accomplished a lot, but if she could, she would learn to fly, sing, and would sit down with Betty White for dinner.

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How to Live a Healthy Life According to Dr. Polley, Dentist in Lincoln, NE 

Dr. Polley believes that everyone is entitled to a healthy life. In fact, to do this, she says, people should always do what makes them happy. In addition, practicing hobbies and recreation in spare time can improve peoples’ confidence and overall well-being. Finally, practicing healthy habits can also help people live a healthy life. Certainly, for anyone who struggles with dental anxiety, Dr. Polley recommends making an appointment with her. She’s happy to work through her patients’ concerns and help them overcome their fears. Consequently, once they overcome their fears, they can routinely receive the dental care that they need, resulting in a healthy, beautiful smile.

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The Challenge of Finding a Good Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln, NE

In general, Lincoln is a competitive location when it comes to dentistry. In fact, most people can get some kind of cosmetic dentistry in Lincoln. However, few can find an affordable cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, who also does an excellent job. In short, sometimes the cheap dentistry options can severely limit the quality of care you receive. In contrast, high-quality dental care can often cost an arm and a leg. So, what can you do?

Of course, at Nebraska Family Dentistry, we understand how difficult this can be. Before, when we first started out, we noticed that patients weren’t getting the care they needed because of dental costs. Naturally, we wanted to come up with a way to make dental care accessible to everyone. For this reason, we’ve made it a point to offer several different payment options, dental discount plans, and affordable treatment.

For our patients without dental insurance, we’re happily partnered with Lincoln Dental Plans. Thus, their dental discount plans make even the best dental offices affordable. In conclusion, as a family and cosmetic dentist, as well as a teenager and children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Polley wants to make getting and receiving care as easy as possible. Click their logo below to learn more.

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Additionally, for those who can’t afford certain treatments up front, we also accept CareCredit. CareCredit is a healthcare-based card that allows you to pay as you go. Learn more by clicking the logo to their website.

To make an appointment with Dr. Polley, use the form below. You can also check out the rest of our team here.

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