Dr. Brooke Kittell

dr. brooke kittell

Dr. Brooke Kittell
Your Gentle and Caring Lincoln Family Dentist

Lincoln Family Dentistry

Dr. Kittell is a gentle and caring Lincoln family dentist and kid’s dentist who is located right here in Lincoln, Nebraska at Nebraska Family Dentistry. Dr. Kittell is a licensed dentist in the state of Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. In addition to her dental degree, this Lincoln Family Dentist also received a degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in Nutrition Science. 

Dr. Kittell loves outdoors, running, hiking, biking, and skiing. This gentle and caring family dentist and her husband love exploring new places.

This Lincoln family dentist can provide compassionate and quality dental care for the entire family. Her skills allow her to promote better overall health and well-being while giving you the confidence you need to tackle each day with the best smile possible.

Why did Dr. Kittell choose dentistry over all of the other medical professions?

Dr. Kittell says “I saw a lot of different dental specialists when I was young. My orthodontist changed my life by giving me a smile I am remembered by today. I love people, art, and making an impact. Once I discovered the potential impact a confident smile can make in someone’s life, dentistry became the only career that would allow me to maximize my creative skills while fulfilling my drive for helping others. Dentistry is about so much more than teeth, and the world is finally starting to acknowledge this. I am so excited to incorporate my background in Nutrition Science and my passion for overall well-being to provide the next level of care for my patients.

Besides making patients feel welcome and at ease as soon as they enter the office, this Lincoln Family Dentist also believes that trust is crucial, and not just in dentistry, but in any health care setting. She believes that this trust is best established through sincere connections and honest patient education. 

Dr. Kittell says:  “The more you know, the more comfortable you are being in control of your dental care decisions.”

Furthermore, this gentle and caring Lincoln family dentist feels that the best anti-aging advice is laughter.

Dr. Kittell says: “If you’re not laughing throughout every day, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

This Lincoln family dentist has an easy tip for a great smile. “Make it a priority. Take the time, energy, and effort required to develop and maintain a smile YOU are confident in. A confident smile will allow you to face the world with an entirely new perspective.”

Why should you choose this Lincoln Family Dentist as a dentist for your family?

Whether you are new to town or are simply looking to switch dentists, Dr. Kittell and her kind and caring personality are sure to win you over. This Lincoln family dentist has a genuine love and passion, not just for helping people, but for giving you the tools you need to look and feel your best. Dr. Kittell and her team would be honored to provide you with the best dental care possible. See what she has to offer. Call or schedule your appointment online today to see this gentle, caring Lincoln family dentist!

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