Dentures can offer a practical solution for those who have lost their teeth. But there are more than a few things people don’t realize about them.

When teeth experience trauma or severe decay, they often need to be removed. When all of a person’s teeth need to be removed, dentures are typically the first option they jump to. Let’s learn a little bit more about dentures and their ins and outs.


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What are dentures?

Dentures are made up of removable false teeth and are used to replace someone’s full smile. They’re ultimately impermanent, unlike dental implants and dental bridges. Instead, they use a supporting structure to stay in place while they’re in a person’s mouth.

Dentures aren’t meant to be worn all the time, unlike implant dentures which are permanently affixed to the bone in a person’s jaw. Usually, they are removed for cleaning at night and kept out while a person is sleeping. The quality of dentures can vary significantly, ranging from the use of plastic all the way to porcelain materials.


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Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures out there depending upon how many teeth you need to have replaced.

Partials – For those who haven’t lost all of their teeth, partials are usually the most affordable option. Removable partials remain in your mouth.

Economy – After the removal of natural teeth, it typically takes some time for your gums to heal.

Implant-Retained – These tooth replacements, while technically not a denture, are held in place by implants fused with your jawbone. The procedure is called a hybrid prosthesis and is an ideal teeth replacement solution. We’ll talk more about this solution below.


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Pros of Dentures

Dentures are certainly an ideal option to a mouth without teeth. They’re full of benefits, which explains why they’re such a commonly used teeth replacement option. Here are some of their benefits.

Provide Inexpensive Teeth

Again, these teeth replacements are preferred compared to having no teeth at all.

Easy to Clean

They’re also easy to clean. Some even think they’re easier to clean than natural teeth.

Allow Patients to Eat Favorite Foods

While they aren’t as easy to use as natural teeth, they can at least allow people to eat foods that they want.

Low-Cost Solution

They tend to cost less than many implant dentures or other tooth replacement solutions.


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Cons of Dentures

While dentures are a commonly used solution, they also have a few drawbacks. Many people don’t realize their cons until they’ve purchased them, so it’s important to make an informed decision when the time comes.

Clunky, Uncomfortable Fit

Many tooth replacement patients find that dentures don’t fit nearly as well as they’d like. They’re tough to get used to and can move around in a person’s mouth.

Oral Irritation

Along with their discomfort, they can sometimes cause serious irritation in the form of oral sores. This irritation can happen as a result of chewing and grinding your teeth and is relatively common.

Difficulty Chewing

While they can allow people to eat most foods, they also tend to detract from the eating experience. They can sometimes move around in a person’s mouth, especially while eating crunchy or chewy foods.

Require Frequent Maintenance

To prevent gum irritation and buildup of bacteria, dentures need maintenance relatively often. They should be removed for a few hours every day (or night) and soaked in a cleaning solution.

Difficulty Speaking

New patients often report that their new teeth replacements make it hard to speak. This often tends to result in awkward social situations, as they can cause clicking and smacking during speech.


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Cost of Dentures

While the cost of a denture set can vary widely, they are usually less expensive than implants. While tooth loss results in limited functionality, no matter the solution you use, a denture can offer an inexpensive fix.

The best way to know the cost of a denture is to set up a free consultation. After looking at your situation, your dentist can give you an estimate of what the procedure and replacement might cost. With that being said, here is a general range of how much they could cost.

High-End – Normally made up of composite material, this denture can cost between $1000 and $5000 for both arches.

Mid-Level – The next best replacement, a mid-range denture set will usually cost about $2000.

Low-Cost – These dentures can cost as little as $300, but may not be as comfortable or convenient.

For those concerned about being able to afford dentures or other tooth replacement options, don’t worry. Nebraska Family Dentistry has a handful of convenient payment options.

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We also use CareCredit, financing, and other convenient payment options. Give us a call if you have any financial questions.


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Denture Alternatives

The tooth replacement procedure we recommend most is called a hybrid prosthesis. Also known as Teeth-in-One-Day, it is a permanent implant that is fused with your jawbone. It isn’t quite the same as an implant denture – it’s a fixed implant that gives you a full mouth of seemingly natural teeth. The best part?  The implant part of the procedure is done in a single day, and patients receive teeth the same day after implants are placed.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary denture alternative, call one of our locations. We’re happy to tell you about this revolutionary procedure and see if it’s the right solution for you.


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