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Beautiful Quality Dentures in Lincoln, NE

When patients have to face the decision to have dentures, it can be a tough time in life. Dentures can be a life-changing decision as poor quality dentures can dramatically decrease the quality of life.

If the dentures do not fit well, the chewing and speaking become significantly affected leading to the overall decrease in quality of life.

If you are faced with a decision to get dentures there are a few things you should know before making that final decision. In this guide, we will explain the types of dentures and how to choose the perfect denture for you.

We also explain the benefits of “Cosmetic Dentures” and the cost associated with those quality dentures.

What are the types of dentures available? 

There are different types of dentures out there depending upon how many teeth you need to have replaced.

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Partials – For those who haven’t lost all of their teeth, partials are usually the most affordable option.  They are a few options for removable partials: Metal-based and Flexible partials. The choice for a partial depends on which teeth you are missing. Partial dentures can be a great option because remaining teeth help to preserve the bone and allow patients to hold on to their natural teeth for a long time. Unfortunately, many patients do not like partial dentures and state it feels bulky wearing them.

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Complete Dentures – Those dentures are for those that looking for the full replacement of teeth without using dental implants. The quality and pricing of complete dentures range and depend on the materials and the process of making them. Not all complete dentures are made the same. There is a huge difference if esthetics and fit between economy and cosmetic complete dentures.

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Cosmetic Dentures – Are made from superior material and look highly natural and esthetic. If you desire, your cosmetic dentures can look like a Hollywood perfect smile.

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Economy dentures – Are usually made from cheaper materials and just in a few appointments.

The drawback of complete dentures is that any dentures, economy or cosmetic, will lead to bone loss and ultimately poor denture fit. If you are looking for “perfect fit denture” you have to think of dental implants.

Additional Cons of Cosmetic Dentures without implants

While dentures are a commonly used solution, they also have a few drawbacks. Many people don’t realize their cons until they’ve purchased them, so it’s important to make an informed decision when the time comes.

Clunky, Uncomfortable Fit

Many tooth replacement patients find that dentures don’t fit nearly as well as they’d like. They’re tough to get used to and can move around in a person’s mouth.

Oral Irritation

Along with their discomfort, they can sometimes cause serious irritation in the form of oral sores. This irritation can happen as a result of chewing and grinding your teeth and is relatively common.

Difficulty Chewing

While they can allow people to eat most foods, they also tend to detract from the eating experience. They can sometimes move around in a person’s mouth, especially while eating crunchy or chewy foods.

Require Frequent Maintenance

To prevent gum irritation and buildup of bacteria, dentures need maintenance relatively often. They should be removed for a few hours every day (or night) and soaked in a cleaning solution.

Difficulty Speaking

New patients often report that their new teeth replacements make it hard to speak. This often tends to result in awkward social situations, as they can cause clicking and smacking during a speech.

What Kind of  Cosmetic Dentures do we offer at Nebraska Family Dentistry Locations? 

Complete  Cosmetic Dentures

Due to the poor fit of economy dentures, we do not offer economy dentures at our locations

We do offer cosmetic perfect fit dentures for people that are looking for that superior aesthetic look of dentures. Cosmetic dentures without dental implants are not an option for every patient. Only a few patients can achieve that perfect fit of their cosmetic dentures without dental implants. To find out if you are a candidate for a perfect fit cosmetic denture,  call to schedule your Free consultation or schedule it 24/7 using online scheduling.

 Cosmetic Partial Dentures
A partial denture fills in the spaces created by the missing natural teeth and at the same time, prevents the remaining natural teeth from changing position.

Partial denture designs and cosmetic options have changed dramatically over the years. We proudly offer aesthetic partial dentures and call them perfect fit cosmetic partial dentures.

Cosmetic Implant Retained Denture

This type of procedure is called an implant retained denture and this is a great replacement option for patients seeking a quality perfect fit denture. Dental implants slow down the bone loss and shrinkage, which are the main factors for losing that Perfect Fit of your denture.

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What makes an excellent option as a denture alternative? If you are looking for a great way to replace teeth, a non-removable denture option, the Hybrid Prosthesis might be a great option.

The tooth replacement procedure we recommend most is called non-removable denture option Hybrid Prosthesis. Also known as Teeth-in-One-Day,  and it is the same as advertised by Clear Choice. Clear Choice has commercial about replacing life-changing teeth replacement option.  Our dentists who are skilled in replacing teeth offer the same option as other Clear Choice dentists. The non-removable denture option – Hybrid Prosthesis is not the same as perfect fit implant dentures, it is a much better option and superior to any other option for replacing teeth. The non-removable denture option, the Hybrid Prosthesis gives you a full mouth of natural beautiful teeth. What else is great?  The implant part of the procedure is done in a single day, and patients receive new teeth the same day after implants are placed.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary denture alternative, call one of our locations. We’re happy to tell you about this revolutionary procedure and see if it’s the right solution for you. Schedule your Free Consult for non-removable denture option – Hybrid Prosthesis.

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Non-removable denture option Teeth-in-a-Day: How do you get your new smile in just one day? 

We’re excited to offer teeth in one day! Our team provides you with fully functioning teeth in one procedure that lasts a few hours. Instead of driving to several appointments with a restorative doctor and then a surgeon, Dr. Brad Alderman teamed up with Dr. David Rallis to simplify the process for you. We complete the final prosthesis before surgery to save you time. You can even resume your normal activities the very next day.

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How can you have teeth in one day?

Almost all of our patients are a candidate for same day teeth. Nearly 90 percent of our patients who were told they were not candidates for traditional dental implants are approved for this less invasive procedure. The ideal candidates for Teeth-in-a-Day are those who are current denture wearers or need to have their teeth removed.

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What is the cost of “Teeth-in-a-Day ” or non-removable denture option -Hybrid Prosthesis?

We are proud for offer One Price for Teeth-in- One Day. We are proud to offer those transparent fees that include all costs between all providers that will be involved in your treatment. With our transparent pricing and one fee for all of the steps, you will not have surprises.  The entire process is one fee, including follow-up appointments, so you’ll know how much your new smile will cost during your free consultation, and that number won’t change.

Watch the “What is a Cosmetic Denture?” Video

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Cost of  Quality Dentures in Lincoln, NE

While the cost of a cosmetic denture set can vary widely, they are usually less expensive than Hybrid Prosthesis.

A great way to know the cost of a denture set is to set up a free consultation. After looking at your situation, your Lincoln denture dentist can give you an estimate of what the procedure and replacement might cost. With that being said, here is a general range of how much they could cost.

Cosmetic Quality Dentures High-End – Normally a set of high-quality dentures made up of the composite material can cost between $2.500 and $5000 for one arch.

Cosmetic Quality Dentures Mid-Level – The next option for replacement, a mid-range denture set, will usually cost about $2000.

Low-Cost – These economy dentures can cost as little as $300, but may not be as comfortable or convenient.

For those desiring quality dentures in Lincoln, NE  but concerned about pricing, don’t worry. Nebraska Family Dentistry has a handful of convenient payment options

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