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Community Health Awareness Program created by a Dentist for Health Events in Lincoln, NE

NFD Health Awareness Program: What is it?

It is all starts with education. By providing education, our dentist for health events in Lincoln, NE can empower people to make healthier choices. Ultimately, this will lead to better dental health and overall health of our patients.

Our mission, is to provide excellent dental care while focusing on the overall health of patients. Part of our mission is to pass along this passion to the Lincoln community. Find out how our team of dental professionals and our dentist for health events can help your community, corporation, or school have improved dental and overall health.

wellness program by nebraska family dentistry providers in Lincoln, NE

Nebraska Family Dentistry Community Education Events


Health oriented presentations for businesses and community groups.
Strong Facebook campaign promoting overall wellness.
School and Kids Fairs.
Free Kindergarten check-ups.
Lunch and Learn Presentations.


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Dental Plans
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School and Kids Fairs

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Lunch and Learns

Overall health wellness program in Lincoln, NE by Nebraska Family Dentistry

Health Fairs 

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Resources for Dental Professionals
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Community Organizations
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Wellness with mature adults

Health and Wellness Specials

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Your Health Altas magazine for wellness programs in Lincoln, NE by Dentist for health events
Check out “Your Health Atlas” Magazine

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Community Events in Lincoln, NE: Health  and Wellness Oriented Presentations for Businesses and Community Groups

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, we believe one of the best ways to encourage overall wellness is through education. Through education, our dental professionals and dentist for health events are all committed to helping Nebraskans live healthier, longer lives. Consequently, when we feel better, we can live a happier, more fun-filled life.

Dr. Alderman offers free wellness and health-oriented presentations to businesses and community groups of all sizes.

“The broadening of NFD’s vision from oral health to overall health has allowed our team members and patients to make small improvements in their own simple habits. Throughout these changes, we saw growth in both our company and in the lives of those we’ve built relationships with. We are passionate about helping our patients, team members, and those within the community, Live Longer & Better. The best way to empower people to make healthier choices is through education.  Ultimately, education allows us to make better choices, leading to a healthier and longer life.” 

– Dr.  Alderman

Check out these presentations

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Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle (Presentation)
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Anti-Inflammatory Diet presentation cover for wellness program in Lincoln, NE created by a Dentist for health events

Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Presentation)
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Children's Dentist presentation by dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

Taking Care Of My Mouth (Presentation for Elementary/Middle Schools)
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Teens presentation from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

Your Smile, Be Beautiful, Be Healthy (Presentation for Middle/High Schools)
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Importance of Dental Health lincoln ne

Importance of Dental Health in Elderly Population (Presentation for Caregivers)
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8 simple steps anti inflammatory life healthier mouth

8 Simple Steps: To living an anti-inflammatory life and having a healthier mouth (Presentation for wellness programs)
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If you would like more information or for quick tips on living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, click here.

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