Dentists for Children

Our Dentists for Children Share Tips for  Helping Kids and Teenagers to Have Healthy Teeth.

8 tips for parents on how to help your children enjoy Children's Dentists in Lincoln, NE

Dentists for children share 8 tips on how
to help children enjoy dental visits:


1. Find  dentists for children that genuinely enjoy children

2. Teach your child the importance of proper oral health by visiting dentists for children

3. Let the child get familiar with the  dentists for children

4. Visit the dentists for children often.

5. Use the right words when explaining an upcoming visit to a dentist

6. Avoid sharing your fears about visiting your own fears about a dentist and any past negative dental experiences with your child.

7. Team up with your dentists for children.


How to choose dentists for children in Lincoln, NE area?

Safety, kindness, patience and quality service delivery are important hallmarks of dentists for children at Nebraska Family Dentistry.  We have wonderful children’s dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry.

Elementary School Kids and Dental Health Materials:

Children's Dentist presentation by dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

Talking Care Of My Mouth (Presentation)
(Click link below to view the slideshow)

Children's Dentist handout from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

“Taking Care Of My Mouth”
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“NFDColoring Page”
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worksheet from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE


Middle School Pre-Teens and Dental Health Materials:

High School Teens and Dental Health:

Teens presentation from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

Your Smile, Be Beautiful, Be Healthy (Presentation)
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Download: “Your Smile, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful?” Handout.
(Click on picture below)Teen's handout from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE

“Coach Tips for Teen Smoking”
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helpful tips from dentist for children in Lincoln, NE


dentist for children of Lincoln, NE event for national kids dental health month 2018 banner

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM)

Our talented Dental Team would like to take this time to educate children about good vs.bad dental habits that can contribute oral health issues.

 Teaching kids that having a good attitude about living a healthy lifestyle combined with developing good oral hygiene and dietary habits are very important in maintaining the oral health of your child. By participating in the NCDHM, our dental team can help educate parents, teachers, and the children how to keep their smiles beautiful for their lifetime. Our Children’s Dentist, Dr. Kelly O’Hara, and Nebraska Family Dentistry have prepared a fun and interesting presentation to help children (K to 5th grade) learn healthy dental habits.

This presentation is interactive and gets children’s attention. Most importantly, it inspires children to take good care of their teeth and keep their teeth for a lifetime.
Please contact us if you would like our dental professionals to come to your school during February or any month.  We would love to visit and bring an intriguing presentation and handouts for elementary ages children. Please contact our community educators if you’d like to arrange a school visit at 402-304-3549 or email at




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