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Nebraska Family Dentistry’s Payment Plans

Having trouble affording for the dental care you need? Whether it’s because of dental insurance coverage, personal finances, or extensive procedures, Nebraska Family Dentistry wants to be sure you get the dental care you deserve. This is why we’ve spent a great deal of time developing our affordable dental options. Learn more about our dental payment plans below.

Dental Insurance

Nebraska Family Dentistry accepts almost all major insurance plans. No matter which of our locations you go to, they’ll submit your claims for you. We do this to offer convenience to you and your family. When we do this, we’ll also provide you an estimate for the cost of dental treatment. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that our estimate will be perfectly precise. Unlike healthcare insurance, dental insurance companies only cover a part of your expenses. For this reason, it is essential for you to be very familiar with your dental insurance plan. If you do have any questions, we’re happy to talk through your insurance plan with you to ensure you understand it.

The following are the most common dental insurance companies to which we submit claims:


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– Aetna
– Ameritas
– BlueCross BlueShield
– Cigna
– Delta Dental
– Humana
– MetLife
– United Concordia
– United HealthCare


For any patient that either does not have insurance or can’t afford treatment, even with dental coverage, we offer a handful of convenient dental payment plans, as listed below.

The Drawbacks of Dental Insurance

Unfortunately, your insurance policy doesn’t necessarily represent your needs. This means that you may have to pay for some of your dental treatment on your own. But don’t worry! Nebraska Family Dentistry exists to serve you, so we’ve worked hard to give our patients access to affordable dental care. Check out some of our dental payment plans and other options below.


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To find out more about Compassionate Finance’s affordable monthly dental payment plans, click the logo on the left or:


Compassionate Finance offers multiple different plans, including a no-interest payment plan. As long as you pay off your balance within the 12-month period, you can spend as much as you need to withCompassionate Finance. Click their logo below to learn more.


Lincoln Dental Plans

Our partners at Lincoln Dental Plans offer a dental discount plan, made specifically for those without insurance. The concept is simple: once per year, you pay a small fee. In return, you receive huge discounts on all kinds of dental treatments, ranging from anything cosmetic all the way to surgeries, preventive care, and the like.


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Click their logo to learn more about 
how you can get cheap dental care.

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NFD Dental Payment Plans

Along with the payment options of our partners, our offices allow you to finance your dental care, in case you need to spread payments out over time. We understand how inconvenient it can feel when your insurance company doesn’t cover all of your care. We work hard to ensure convenient, affordable dental care because we’d rather see you have a healthy, happy smile than pay for all your care at once.

Methods of Payment

At the time of paying for treatment, we accept cash, check, and major credit cards like Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Should you have to pay the remaining balance after insurance coverage, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Finances

How can I pay my bill?

If you couldn’t already tell, Nebraska Family Dentistry values convenience. As a result, we make it possible for you to pay your bill online, via mail, in person, or by calling your particular location.


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What should I do if I don’t have insurance or a dental payment plan?

We also offer our own dental payment plans at each of our locations. We give you 5% off any pre-payment or full payment at the time of treatment. Our financing plans allow you to pay as you go if need be. As a bonus to the wiser folks among us, we also offer 5% off to anyone 60 or older.

What if I have a dental emergency and no dental insurance?

Fear not! If you experience a dental emergency, you should call us immediately at 402-840-9783. We’re glad to work with you to find the most affordable treatment option for you, but it’s most important that you see your emergency dentist as soon as possible than worrying about finances. However, as you make a hasty trip to be seen by our emergency dentist, you can trust that we’ll get you taken care of and make sure you can afford treatment, too.




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Make easy, affordable payments for your procedure with Compassionate Finance.



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