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The Science And Art Of Smile Makeover

Are you looking for a cosmetic smile makeover? We are lucky to have Dr. Kathryn Alderman in Lincoln, NE. She is an experienced cosmetic dentist and wrote nationally known cosmetic book “Your Smile Wish” to help patients understand their choices for a cosmetic smile makeover.
This experienced and caring Lincoln cosmetic dentist says:

“I love cosmetic dentistry as it involves some of the more creative aspects of dentistry, rather than the simple, straightforward and routine mechanical procedures. There are so many things to evaluate when trying to remake someone’s smile. The challenge of figuring out the puzzle, so that the patient will look their best is really intriguing and fun. The results are wonderful and highly satisfying. The finished product of a smile design is the result of a lot of work with excellent communication and cooperation between our dental office, the lab, and the patient.”

Team of Cosmetic Dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry

More and more these days, instant types of makeovers are shown on television shows and in the news. It seems that once a person makes the commitment to proceed, they want to get moving quickly. Our practice has noticed that too, and we are doing many more “makeovers” where we finish the entire treatment in a short period of time. My partners are experienced dentists that do wonderful cosmetic smile makeovers and would be happy to help you to get that smile makeover you desire.

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Cosmetic Dentistry and Instant Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Here is what we do when someone presents with some aesthetic concerns and is ready to do something about them:

 First of all, we interview the patient to determine their true desires, needs, and wants. Every cosmetic smile makeover starts with getting a good understanding of what the patient wants and expects.

 We have to do a complete exam to understand the underlying health of the teeth, gum, and bone. We also need to know how the bite, or occlusion, is working.

 We take photographs and impressions of the teeth for what we call study models. Sometimes we ask the dental lab to create the desired appearance in an ideal wax smile. This is a pretty amazing and fun process!

Once we know where we want to be at the finish, the process of getting your Cosmetic Smile Makeover is usually just a couple of appointments.

In the first visit, the teeth are prepared and impressions are taken; the patient leaves with plastic temporary restorations that are an actual preview of the desired end point. These provisional restorations allow us to personalize shape, size, and color so, that before the final porcelain restorations, we know that the patient is going to love their smile. This works really well, relieving much of the anxiety of someone not knowing how they will look.

The patient generally receives the final restorations during the second visit, where we take off the temporary crowns/veneers and try the permanent ones. If they are fitting and looking like we want, these restorations are permanently bonded to the teeth. Subsequent visits are made as necessary for any follow up or adjustments.

Below are common Smile Wishes for the Instant Cosmetic Smile Makeover. Our team of highly trained cosmetic dentists would love to help Your Smile Wish come true.

Your Smile Wish for the
Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Whiter, Brighter Smiles

whiter teeth from a Cosmetic Smile Makeover by dentist Near Me Lincoln, NE

As you age, you may begin to notice that your teeth are not quite the same shade of white as they were in your youth. Typically, noticeable discoloration process begins in the late 20s and early 30s. A variety of factors can speed up the discoloration process, including chemical staining from drinking dark-colored liquids and smoking, a genetic predisposition to early yellowing, trauma to the teeth, illness or certain medications. The good news is that most teeth can be returned to a whiter shade with professional whitening treatments.

Your Smile Wish for the
Cosmetic Smile Makeover

To Correct Misaligned, Crooked Or Overlapping Teeth

South Pointe Dental's image ofl misaligned crooked coverlapping teeth fixed by Cosmetic Smile Makeover

It is important to correct misshapen and crooked teeth to have a beautiful smile that can give you more confidence. It is also important to have straight teeth in order to have good oral health. Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to keep clean, which may lead to cavities, gum disease, receding gums, bad breath, and an abnormal bite. If you are unsure about what options you may have, just search for “smile makeover near me.”

Patients that wish to fix crooked or overlapped teeth, can get the desired results with dental veneers or crowns.

Your Smile Wish for the
Cosmetic Smile Makeover

To Correct Gaps Between Front Teeth

NFD's image of Instant Orthodontics by cosmetic smile makeover near me in Lincoln, NE

A diastema is a gap between two teeth. It appears most often between the two upper front teeth. However, gaps can occur between any two teeth. There are several ways to close gaps between your teeth. The best treatment for you would depend on the severity of the gaps, the number of gaps, and how quickly you desire those results.

Your Smile Wish for the Cosmetic Smile Makeover

To Correct Chipped Front Teeth

NFD's image of corrected chipped front teeth fixed by searching for smile makeover near me

Chipped teeth are a frequent occurrence. They are a cause of serious concern due to their unsightly appearance, as they mainly involve the upper central incisors, the most visible and aesthetically important teeth in a person’s smile. In fact, they play a major role in one’s self-esteem, and even a small chip may alter one’s image.

It is easy to fix a chip either by polishing the chip or fixing it with a dental filling.

Your Smile Wish for the Cosmetic Smile Makeover

To Correct Stained or Discolored Fillings on Front Teeth

NFD's image of replaced and correct stained teeth by Cosmetic Smile Makeover

All dental restorations (fillings) may need to be replaced as they get stained, cracked, chipped or start looking grey. If a dental restoration changes color, that process can occur because of the surrounding tooth structure developing decay. This problem must be treated immediately because if left untreated, it may result in the need for a root canal (endodontic treatment).

Your Smile Wish for the Cosmetic Smile Makeover 

To Replace Old Silver Fillings

NFD's metal free fillings by Cosmetic Smile Makeover near me in Lincoln, NE

Amalgam (silver) fillings may last for many years before they need to be replaced. Some amalgam fillings look unsightly and you may choose to replace them with tooth-colored fillings for aesthetic reasons. It is also important to know that as amalgam fillings age, they develop cracks that serve as an entrance for bacteria, leading to your teeth developing recurrent decay. Decay left untreated may result in the need for a root canal. Worn amalgam fillings should be replaced to prevent decay and cracks, as they can lead to more complicated and expensive treatments.

Your Smile Wish for the Cosmetic Smile Makeover

To Eliminate Long or Uneven Front Teeth

NFD eliminate long uneven front teeth by Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist

It is not uncommon for a tooth to be slightly longer or have a different shape than its neighbors. With a procedure called re contouring, your tooth can be reshaped, so that is it a better match to the rest of your teeth. Re-contouring can help eliminate minor imperfections such as teeth that are too long, uneven teeth, and small chips. 

Recontouring is one of the most conservative cosmetic procedures as it involves the removal of small amounts of tooth enamel in order to change the length, shape, or surface of a tooth. It is a relatively quick and painless procedure. However, recontouring is not a substitute for veneers or bonding. Recontouring would not be the best course if your tooth has a major imperfection such as a deep chip or fracture. Searching for a “smile makeover near me” will help you explore all of your options, whether you are fixing a few teeth or an entire set of teeth.

Your Smile Wish for the Cosmetic Smile Makeover

To Eliminate Short Teeth and a Gummy Smile

gummy smile fix cosmetic smile makeover near me in Lincoln, NE

Many people show small teeth with a lot of red gum tissue. They frequently think that they have short teeth or that their gums have grown over their teeth. From their perspective, they see their smile as a gummy smile. Those people usually do not have short teeth and most commonly they just have too much gum tissue, which simply needs to be removed in order to expose more tooth structure to show their normal length and beauty. Excessive gum tissue can be caused by genetics or certain medications. In either case, minimal surgical procedure can be done to give a fuller, more cosmetically pleasing smile.

Your Smile Wish for the Cosmetic Smile Makeover 

To Replace A Missing Tooth

NFD's image of a replaced missing tooth by Your by Cosmetic Smile Makeover Dentist

If you are missing teeth, your confidence level may be affected. Besides affecting your confidence level, missing teeth may require you to chew on one side, putting too much pressure on those teeth and your jaw joints. Missing teeth can also cause your lips and cheeks to “sink, ”causing you to age prematurely. Finally, missing teeth can lead to other teeth shifting, creating a compromised ability to chew. You may be wondering about different ways to replace missing teeth, check out some of the best options, which are provided right here in Lincoln, NE. Just search for “smile makeover near me.”

Your Smile Wish for the Cosmetic Smile Makeover

To Have a Younger Smile

Image from NFD showing a younger smile created by Your Cosmetic Smile Makeover near me in Lincoln, NE

As we age, our teeth will age as well. If your smile shows worn, discolored, chipped or missing teeth, you will look older. If your smile stays attractive and healthy looking, it will take years off of your appearance. Dental treatment can help you have a younger smile and an overall younger appearance. However, searching for a “smile makeover near me,” can offer you many options for various dental treatment such as professional teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns or simply replacing missing teeth can make your smile look younger and help you to feel more youthful.

This page was written and prepared by your Lincoln cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kathryn Alderman. This Lincoln cosmetic dentist has written and published “Your Smile Wish,” which is sold nationally. You can request a free consultation with her or other cosmetic dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry. If you are looking for a “cosmetic smile makeover near me?  ” schedule 24/7 using online for a Free Consultation

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