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Dr. Sydney Joyce (Unzicker): Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln, NE

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Are you searching for your best smile? Or a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE? Many of us are. It can be challenging to find the smile you’re looking for. Dr. Sydney Joyce started practicing and became a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE for just that reason. This South Lincoln cosmetic dentist is passionate about helping people find their true smile.

Dr. Joyce serves patients in the South Lincoln community at Southpointe Dental. One of the most integral parts of her job is listening to the concerns of patients. Any skilled “cosmetic dentist near me” will tell you that their top priority in helping with smile makeovers is listening to a patient’s wishes.

Through her dental practice and being a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Joyce hopes to influence peoples’ lives for the best. In the past, she has worked with many patients that have lost their teeth, creating the perfect custom implant-retained dentures. In general, this kind of practice would be almost impossible for the average person to afford. However, between Dr. Joyce’s preventive care and Nebraska Family Dentistry’s revolutionary payment options, many patients have been able to upgrade their smiles without breaking the bank.

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Cosmetic and Non-Cosmetic Treatment Options Our South Lincoln Dentist Offers

Dr. Joyce has worked with several kinds of patients over the years. Moreover, she’s become well-versed in everything from cosmetic to preventive/restorative dentistry.
Dr. Joyce can work with you on the following:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Using Opalescence© whitening, Dr. Joyce offers professional teeth whitening, even for those with sensitive teeth. In addition, this procedure allows Dr. Joyce to work with patients closely. Together, you’ll choose a bright, natural-looking shade of white that’ll blend in seamlessly. Find out more about professional teeth whitening.

Dental Veneers

Dr. Joyce has given dental veneers to a good handful of our patients. This versatile procedure can help with whitening, instant orthodontics, and minor aesthetic fixes in a person’s smile. We also have dental lumineers to maximize the brightness of our patients’ smiles. This highly skilled cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE can help you, too. You can learn more about our dental veneers here.

Dental Implants

Our implants have an option for everyone. Whether you’re losing all or some of your teeth, our implants are beautiful, convenient, and affordable. Learn about our revolutionary new implant procedure, Hybrid Prosthesis.

Metal-Free Fillings

Being a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Joyce uses only the highest quality materials to place fillings. She can remove any old metal fillings, and replace them with high-quality white porcelain fillings. These will blend in perfectly with your teeth, enhancing your smile greatly.

Dentures & Denture Repair

Dr. Joyce often works with patients who wear dentures. If you’re losing your teeth, dentures are one of many solutions you should consider. Find out more about what dentures Dr. Joyce offers and how we repair dentures.


One of the most common cosmetic treatments for missing teeth are bridges and/or crowns. Learn more about how Dr. Joyce can help you with bridges here.

We understand that everyone is different and therefore, everyone’s needs will differ. While our South Lincoln cosmetic dentist often works with cosmetic patients, Dr. Joyce is also skilled at other dental procedures. Certainly, she’s happy to help in any way that she can. If you aren’t sure if what you are needing is cosmetic or non-cosmetic or if it’s something that is even possible, she can help you decide and guide you every step of the way. She can also provide the following services:

Abscess Treatment

If you’re experiencing a severe toothache, it’s entirely possible that you have a dental abscess. Not to worry though, Dr. Joyce has treated many abscesses throughout the years. She’s well-equipped to help treat your toothache.

Gentle Dental Care for the Entire Family

Dr. Joyce has many skills that allow her to provide comprehensive exams and routine check-ups for the entire family. So, whether you are 1 or 101, Dr. Joyce can give you peace of mind with routine check-ups and oral cancer screenings. A routine visit can go a long way in promoting your overall health. Her gentle approach has helped many smiles and it can help yours, too!

Need a gum treatment? Dr. Joyce can help you there as well. From a routine check-up to single tooth replacement to implant restorations, Dr. Joyce is sure to provide a service that will most definitely benefit your smile. She truly cares about her patients and loves seeing happy, healthy smiles!

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More about South Lincoln Dentist, Dr. Sydney Joyce

Can you tell us about your family in a few sentences?

My mother is a dental hygienist and peaked my interest in dentistry at a young age. My father is the proudest parent and the first one to hand out my business card at an event. I have a younger sister who looks just like me. I love children and am excited to have a family of my own someday.

Why do you love being a dentist?

I love getting to know my patients and their families. It’s wonderful to watch children and families grow through years of providing dental care.

How can you impact the overall health of your patients by being a dentist?

High self-esteem is essential for mental health and success. A great smile can transform a patient’s confidence and improve self-esteem.

What are your favorite techniques to make patients feel comfortable during treatment?

I always want a patient to know they are in control during an appointment. By just raising your hand during a procedure you are always welcome to ask a question or take a break.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Getting my dental degree.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time, reading, cooking, or traveling.

Best anti-aging advice?

Stay active. Whether lifting weights or a leisurely evening stroll, staying active leads to a long, healthy life.

Your tip for a great smile?

Floss and whiten. Flossing keeps your gums healthy. Healthy pink gums and white teeth offer a great smile.

Dr. Sydney Joyce (Unzicker), a gentle family and cosmetic dentist, is accepting new patients at our Southpointe location. You can request an appointment with her by calling 402-423-3333 or by using the online scheduling form on our website.

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