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Community Events in Lincoln: Health  and Wellness Oriented Presentations for businesses and community groups

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, we believe one of the best ways to encourage overall wellness is through education. Through education, our dental professionals are committed to helping Nebraskans live healthier and longer lives. In 2018, it isn’t quite enough to think like a dentist – it has become the standard to approach dentistry from an overall health perspective.

Dr. Alderman is offering free wellness and health-oriented presentations to businesses and community groups of all sizes.

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An Anti-Inflammatory Diet presentation for community health events

Community Health and Wellness Events for Nebraskans

Our CEO, Dr. Alderman, believes that healthy lives begin with simple steps. Dr. Alderman passionately shares simple ways to begin living an anti-inflammatory life. and sharing them with the community.

Since opening, Dr. Alderman has worked hard to find ways to bridge oral and overall health. Dr. Alderman is an expert on this topic, and she’s able to explain things clearly and concisely. Her interactive, motivating presentations explain what inflammation 101 is and what steps can be taken to Live Longer & Better

“The broadening of NFD’s vision from oral health to overall health has allowed our team members and patients to make small improvements to their own simple habits. Through this time, we saw the growth of both our company and the lives of those we’ve built relationships with. We are passionate about helping our patients, team members, community to Live Longer&Better. The best way to empower people to make healthier choices is through education.  Education allows us to make better choices, leading to a healthier and longer life.”  – Dr.  Alderman

Live Longer & Better Presentation

While the presentation touches upon the importance of dental health, inflammation is the main topic, and Dr. Alderman will break it down into simple terms. This motivational talk has one goal: to help people take simple steps toward an overall healthier lifestyle.

Feedback from previous presentations shows that people have been motivated and wanting to make changes to improve their health after hearing “Live Longer & Better” 

People gather for community health events in Lincoln, NE

Strong Woman conquering Overall Well-being in Lincoln, NE

Ready to motivate your
office to live LONGER & BETTER?

Dr. Alderman is now presenting this presentation to Lincoln businesses of all sizes.

If you would like to book with Dr. Alderman for this presentation, please call us or email at

Live longer & Better Presentation

The Lunch and Learn program is our way of empowering our Lincoln community members to Live Longer & Better.

Live Longer & Better is a Wellness and Health – Oriented Presentation and designed for corporations and community groups in Nebraska.

What can you expect by booking Live Longer & Better presentation with Dr. Alderman? 

An hour-long  presentation with Dr. Alderman

Hand-out materials to reference for additional information and resources-branded email copy to provide to employees both before, and following the presentation poster  to promote event

Posters  to promote event

How does an NFD Health  Awareness Program Benefit Your Employees or Community?

NFD provides expert dentists to educate employees, community groups on Periodontal disease risk factors and how it can be prevented and treated

Facts about Periodontal Disease and Dental Problems:

  1. Periodontal disease and cavities are often silent diseases without any symptoms until the late stage of the disease.
  2. Periodontal disease is an auto-inflammatory condition and is related to overall health. By educating patients about preventing Periodontal disease, they can prevent other health-related conditions.  Chron’s disease, Diabetes 2, IBS, Alzheimer’s disease and Periodontal disease are all connected by one biochemical pathway, our overreactive immune system.  By learning about the auto-immune conditions, patients can take immediate steps to preventing them.
  3. One in four people will develop a Periodontal disease, making it the most common dental problem and the reason #1 for losing teeth.
  4. Our presentation is tailored about teaching people on anti-inflammatory lifestyle,  preventing Periodontal disease and ultimately leading to healthier overall health