Community and Corporate Health Events to Promote Workplace Wellness in Lincoln, NE

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Are you ready to motivate your team to live a healthier lifestyle?

Community and Corporate Health Events provide a fun and interactive way to educate everyone on the team!

Many companies have started implementing workplace wellness programs for their employees. Generally speaking, team members who have a happy work-life balance and live healthier lifestyles are generally more productive. In addition, they have a more positive experience at work.

For this reason, our team is dedicated to helping our patients and the community live longer and better lives. Through education, we can help improve dental and overall health.

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What are some wellness activities?

For instance, holding community and corporate health events for your team by inviting local health experts to come to your office and host workplace wellness presentations is a great way to inspire everyone to learn. Not only can they learn how to help each other, but they can also learn more about how to improve their own lives. Simply by adopting healthy habits! 

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, our dentists try to keep a healthy balance of team activities. Typically, they include those that are educational and fun. In the past, we have done things such as group exercise classes, movies, attending continuing education courses as well as having health care professionals from within our community present to the team at a lunch and learn. 

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How do you promote a healthy workplace?

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, our dentists have common goals: to become the friendliest dental office in town, while providing our team with a wonderful and uplifting place to work. In addition, we believe that by creating a positive place to work, we are able to give our patients the best possible experience while in our care. 

Our dental team regularly meets for continuing education, wellness presentations, and group activities throughout the year. Moreover, we believe that this helps each team member understand their highly valued role, which motivates everyone to create a work atmosphere with positive energy. Participation in community and corporate health events from members of our team, also promotes wellness.

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How do you bring wellness into the workplace? 

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, we believe that one of the best ways to promote workplace wellness in Lincoln, NE is through education. 

In fact, if you are interested in promoting workplace wellness in Lincoln, NE, our dental office offers lunch and learn community and corporate health events near me in Lincoln. 

Our Lincoln dentists offer free wellness and health-oriented presentations to businesses and community groups of all sizes to help promote workplace wellness in Lincoln, NE.

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How do you promote wellness? 

Providing non-judgmental education has the power to help people change their lives. Without the proper information, how can anyone be expected to grow? 

Our team is comprised of many native Nebraskans who love Lincoln. Our workplace wellness presentations are for our community. We believe in Nebraska nice, the good life, and an abundant lifestyle. To help, we are teaching our patients who have come from within the community, about how dental health is related to overall health.

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Dental and overall health are connected, but how?

Our dental health and overall health are tightly connected, but how? If patients are unhealthy, we can see evidence of this by the condition of their gums and teeth. Usually, patients who have underlying chronic inflammatory medical problems experience higher rates of dental diseases. This is a complication of their systemic conditions. 

Our dental team is passionate about teaching the community simple, easy ways to improve the quality of their lives. Ultimately, this is done by promoting lifestyle habits that can help reduce inflammation in the body. 

We offer a free and interactive presentation that explores the connection of the body’s inflammatory response and implications of chronic inflammation on total body health. In addition, we also share steps that can be taken to live longer and better, while improving dental and overall health. 

You can check out materials and share them with your team by visiting this link.

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Community and Corporate Health Events: Free Lunch & Learn for Workplace Wellness in Lincoln, NE

You can book Live Longer & Better presentation. In summary, this inspirational talk is designed to help motivate people to take simple steps that lead to a healthier lifestyle. The presentation focuses on the importance of dental health. In addition, this talk will explore the concept of inflammation in simple terms and how to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to feel your best.

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How to Schedule a Lunch and Learn for Your Team

You can contact our central location at 402-467-1000 or email us at nebraskafamilydentistry@gmail.com

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There are many ways in which a company can promote workplace wellness in Lincoln, NE. One of them is healthy eating! Choosing the right foods to promote an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can be half of the battle. 

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