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Our Team:
Find The Best Dentist For You In Lincoln, NE

We know it can be difficult to find a dentist that matches your needs. Many of our team members have been through it! Fortunately, Nebraska Family Dentistry has locations all across Lincoln to serve you better. Our team is full of compassionate, caring, and talented individuals. What’s more important is that between all of our locations, we have several different dentists, so you can find the best dentist for you.

While it can often be tough to find yourself or a family member what you would consider the best dentist Lincoln, NE, we hope that you can at least give us a try, we may have exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to communicate your needs with our team members, and we’ll do what we can to make sure you get what, or who, you need.

The NFD Standard

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For Anxious Patients

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, we greatly value You, the patient. We’ll work hard to ensure your comfort at every appointment. Our main goals are to be a group of the friendliest dentists in town and to provide top-notch dental care. We can guarantee you’ll have an excellent dental experience.

We hold our team members to a high standard when it comes to service. From the beginning, our practice has believed that good dental care goes hand in hand with relationship-building. For that reason, we hope every encounter you have with us will be a great one. Here, our patients are like family.

Our dentists work with tons of anxious patients. We know that the dentist’s office can be scary. It’s important to us that you feel calm and comfortable while in our care. If you’re feeling anxious, know that we won’t judge you or lecture you. All we want to do is help you and your mouth stay healthy and of course, your visit stay pleasant.

For those who are still unsure, we offer multiple forms of sedation dentistry. We also have blankets, pillows, headphones, TVs, and more, to ensure your comfort. If you are concerned and need anything, feel free to ask! Our dentists appreciate open communication and want to listen to your concerns. We want our patients to feel confident that they are seeing the best dentist Lincoln, NE. A dentist who provides affordable, gentle dentistry. One who truly makes them feel good about their smile.

Watch the “Do you have Dental Anxiety” Video

Dentist Lincoln, NE for Child & Family Care

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Our dentists are great with kids! Many children enter the door nervous and hesitant and leave happy, excited for their next visit.

Parents: We’re happy to take care of the whole family and make sure you all get the care that you need.

Use the form below to schedule a consultation, and feel free to ask for the dentist of your choice! While all of our team members are excellent, we know that you need certain things and therefore, may request a certain dentist. We’re dedicated to making sure you get the best dentist for your needs. This way when you leave, you feel confident saying you found the “best dentist Lincoln, NE.”

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Click the links below to learn more about our team members.

Dr. Brad Alderman
Dentist Lincoln, NE

East Lincoln Location
(Preserve Family Dentistry)

West Lincoln Location
(Coddington Dental)

Dr. Kathryn Alderman
Dentist Lincoln, NE

East Lincoln Location
(Preserve Family Dental)

Dr. Jodi Day
Dentist Lincoln, NE

West Lincoln Location
(Coddington Dental)

Dr. Sydney Joyce (Unzicker)
Dentist Lincoln, NE

South Lincoln Location
(Southpointe Dental)

Image of Dr. Kelly O'Hara dentist Lincoln, NE

Dr. Kelly O’Hara
Dentist Lincoln, NE

Central Lincoln Location
(Lincoln Family Dentistry)

Nebraska Family Dentistry has multiple Lincoln Dental Clinics!
Choose any location “dentist near me” convenient for you.