free kindergarten check

Free Kindergarten Dental Checks

Free Kindergarten Dental Checks

The Importance of Dental Care and School Performance

If your child is entering the school system this year, they’ll need an oral check-up to ensure good health. Nebraska requires an oral check for all kindergartners in public schools. Fortunately, parents can help them prepare for this requirement by seeing us at one of our free kindergarten dental checks this summer.

Our children’s dentists are willing and ready to help children and parents alike feel comfortable with the dentist. We often see kids leave our office excited to come back for more visits! This is ideal, especially for children, since they’ll need to start building habits for a long life of good health.

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Children’s dentists on: Tooth Decay in Children

When it comes to chronic illnesses in children, tooth decay is at the top. Childhood tooth decay is incredibly common, affecting about 2 out of every 5 kids. For this reason, oral checks have become a requirement for kindergartners in every public school classroom. While the oral check-up only consists of a short, visual inspection by children’s dentists, the results are very telling for school officials.

Experts say that oral health is the most consistently neglected health need in young children and adolescents. During this check-up, licensed children’s dentists will visually examine the mouths of children to ensure adequate oral health. They’ll look for signs of dental infection and any other outlying dental care factors.

Seeing children’s dentists is key. Regular check-ups can begin as soon as your child has teeth. Consistent check-ups thereafter will help your kids start and stay healthy. Further, these appointments will allow children’s dentists to see any potential problems before they arise. Catching tooth decay, infection, and any other problems before your child’s kindergarten check-up will enable them to avoid referral for further dental work. That’s why we decided to offer free kindergarten dental checks for all children entering school.

To learn more about kindergarten check-ups in Nebraska and beyond, check out the resources below from our children’s dentists:

State Laws on
Dental Screenings for Kids

Children’s Dentists on Child Dental Care and School Performance

Any parent will tell you that it takes a lot to care for children. They’ll admit that it’s worth it though, as they watch their children grow up and succeed. Recent research has discovered a correlation between a child’s dental health, their school performance, and ultimately, their well-being. This information, while newly reported, has been considered true in the dental field for a time. For many children’s dentists, this was the driving force behind their decision to commit to dental care.

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In this recent research, it was found that reductions in school performance were common among children with dental problems. The same was discovered with regards to a child’s well-being. Children with mild to severe amounts of tooth decay were found to be more shy, self-conscious, and to have missed more school. They went on to say that dental health, as opposed to just overall health, has a huge impact on the social development of youth, a key factor in school performance.

For more information about this correlation, you can check out one of the multiple studies on this topic here.

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Why Is Children’s Oral Health  Important? Our Children’s Dentist Explains…

Oral health is necessary for everyone! Many people don’t realize the relationship between good oral health and excellent overall health. Since everything you consume passes through your mouth, it seems clear that such a relationship exists.

However, it’s more important for children to have good oral health. While adults have their habits developed (for the most part), children are only learning. If you can teach children the right way to take care of themselves from a young age, they’ll follow lifelong patterns of good health. The same can be true of oral health: a child that learns how to brush and floss well will never have to un-learn bad habits or re-learn good ones.

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It’s much easier for people to learn healthy habits while still young. At that point, their brains are still developing, and their neural pathways for behavior can change and cement more than those of adults. Don’t be mistaken, however; adults can still learn and grow too! However, teaching a child how to behave can last a lifetime. The same applies to their oral hygiene habits.

Our Children’s Dentists Offer Free Kindergarten Dental Check-Ups for Children Entering School

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, we want to ensure that your kids are taken care of. Between caring for their general well-being and helping them be prepared for school, oral health check-ups are crucial. If you want to help your kids the best you can, please feel free to give us a call at any of our locations. You can also ask us any questions you may have at our free kindergarten dental checks all summer. 

You can call any of our Nebraska Family Dentistry locations to set up a free kindergarten dental check-up appointment with our children’s dentists.

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