Dental care and cancer: How is connected?

From all of us to anyone affected by breast cancer or any other cancer

Your health is important and we understand the concerns that anyone faces when it comes to being diagnosed with cancer and their oral health. Here we’ll cover:

-Can you have dental work done while on chemo? We’ll explain the details about dental care during chemotherapy.

-How does breast cancer begin? Developing breast cancer even when living a healthy lifestyle.

-Can having cancer affect your teeth? How to approach dental care and cancer

 Dental care and cancer tips.

Dental Care and Cancer: Dental Care during chemotherapy.

Cancer and dental care, what should you know?

In the recent article Periodontal Disease and Breast Cancer– Response, researchers have studied the connection between dental health and the risk of developing breast cancer. Dental care during cancer is important. If you or someone you know needs more information regarding various forms of cancer, visit the American Cancer Society.

Research has shown that there is a link between gum disease and breast cancer.  Low levels of vitamin D tend to be associated with a higher level of chronic inflammation as discussed in the above article. Ultimately, leading to developing periodontal disease and even breast cancer.

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Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in women. It is known that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. So, on average, this equates to a woman being diagnosed every 2 minutes. Can women prevent developing breast cancer? Science and medical doctors recommend living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This lifestyle can help decrease the chances of developing autoimmune conditions. In addition, it can also prevent chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can eventually lead to developing periodontal disease and breast cancer.

Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Dental care and cancer in Lincoln, NE

To learn more about living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

What if someone is unfortunate enough to develop breast cancer in spite of living a healthy lifestyle?

Breast cancer treatment does have complications. Complications are typically on overall health and dental health. Oral health complications are those that are experienced as a result of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. You can manage and even prevent some significant oral health problems with proper care. Coordinating dental care during chemotherapy (or any cancer treatment), is critical. Creating a team of physicians not limited to, but including your oncologist and dentist, can greatly optimize the effects of treatment.

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How to approach Dental Care and Cancer…What forms of treatment can affect oral health?

Any form of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or even stem cell transplants can affect oral health. Other natural and homeopathic treatments can also cause oral health side effects. As our body begins to lose bone, we also start to lose bone in our mouths. Our teeth sit in bone and if the level is decreased, loose teeth or even tooth loss can occur. If you or a loved one are going through cancer treatment, it is important to ensure the health of your gums.  Be sure to see our caring family dentists in Lincoln, NE.

Dental Care and Cancer…what are some common side effects that cancer treatment can cause? 

Dental care and cancer treatment do go hand in hand. Symptoms, or side effects, that you are experiencing can and should be discussed with your Lincoln, NE dentist for cancer. Your dentist is educated about many side effects including difficulty swallowing, cavities, dry mouth, candida (oral thrush or yeast infections), just to name a few. Visiting with your dentist will prove beneficial, both short and long-term. It is known that dental care during chemotherapy is vital.

Always be sure to involve your Lincoln, NE dentist in your cancer treatment plan. As previously mentioned, coordinating care is essential. Once your immune system becomes compromised, your body will not have the ability to heal itself as well as it did before undergoing treatment. After you have a calculated treatment plan laid out by your oncologist, discuss your dental concerns and treatment needed, with your dentist. Should you decide to proceed with receiving dental treatment during chemotherapy (or any cancer treatment), be sure to schedule carefully. Allow yourself time to heal after any procedures and before beginning treatment. Be sure to relay any dental concerns and or pending dental treatment to your oncologist. He or she needs to be aware that the mouth is impacted by treatment.

Your oncologist may also have recommendations regarding oral health. They are very familiar with various types of treatment and potential side effects. Since they are familiar with many forms of treatment, it is possible they have seen specific side effects. Therefore, they can help address an issue before it becomes a major concern. Your oncologist and your Lincoln, NE dentist for cancer want to make any fight against cancer as easy as possible.

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Dental Care and Cancer, Receiving Dental care during chemotherapy is important. ALWAYS Ask Questions!

Below are some commonly asked questions about dental care during chemotherapy.

Go the extra mile and ask questions. Get specific details about dental care during chemotherapy. All questions asked of your Lincoln, NE dentist for cancer and your oncologist are entirely valid. Simple questions such as whether or not it is safe to floss to what may be potential long-term side effects, are all important. Getting answers will not only help you while receiving treatment, but after treatment as well. If you are in need of dental care during chemotherapy, contact us or visit our team of caring family dentists. Don’t be shy and find out why dental care and cancer treatment go together. You’ve got this, don’t let cancer be the boss!

The information on this page was written by Dr. Brooke Kittell.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “Dentistry is about so much more than teeth, and the world is finally starting to acknowledge this. Besides making patients feel welcome and at ease as soon as they enter the office, I also believe that trust is crucial, and not just in dentistry, but in any health care setting. Trust is established through sincere connections and honest patient education.

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