Best Dental Plans and How To Find Them

Best Dental Plans in Lincoln, NE and How To Find Them

No dental insurance? No problem! Even if it’s been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, you don’t have to feel bad. It is crucial to find the best dental plans for you and your family since avoiding the dentist could cost you more in the long run.

At the end of 2016, nearly 77 percent of Americans had some kind of dental insurance, according to the National Association for Dental Plans. However, that means that about 1 in 4 people had no dental insurance at all.

Lincoln Dental Plans: best dental plans in Lincoln, NE

If you aren’t seeing the dentist regularly because you’re lacking dental insurance, we can help! Read on to learn more about our partners at Lincoln Dental Plans and how their plans help those without dental insurance. Also, find out what it means to be a member below.

The Best Dental Insurance Option For Those Without It

The options are limited for those who can’t afford dental insurance. You can pay for treatment out of pocket, but that gets expensive quickly. Patients who don’t have dental insurance have trouble getting the dental treatment they need and deserve. So what’s the solution? You can actually find the best dental plans in Lincoln, NE  within arms reach. 


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Not long ago, we began partnering with Lincoln Dental Plans. Lincoln Dental Plans is a Lincoln dental discount plan which offers free and discounted services to members. It’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t have dental insurance since it lowers the cost of several different treatments.

The Trouble with Dental Insurance

Unfortunately, dental insurance isn’t built like regular health insurance. It won’t usually cover the entire cost of a particular treatment. Many times it will cover a certain percentage of your treatment and the rest of the balance will be left to you.

It’s important to know that your dental insurance company isn’t necessarily looking out for your best interest. Although you may have out-of-pocket expenses, it’s crucial not to base your treatment decisions on what your insurance will cover. Doing so can be hard on your teeth, and besides, Lincoln Dental Plans offers a solution. No more need to base dental treatments on what you can afford!

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Benefits of Lincoln Dental Plans: Your Best Dental Plans in Lincoln, NE 

There are plenty of benefits with Lincoln Dental Plans that you won’t find with dental insurance, which may make this one of the best dental plans in Lincoln, NE. For one, you won’t need to adhere to the tough necessities of a dental insurance plan. Below are some of the main benefits of Lincoln Dental Plans.

Goodbye Monthly Premiums With Lincoln Dental Plans, you’ll no longer have to meet monthly premiums. Instead, members pay a single yearly fee and gain access to several free and discounted services all year long.

No More Waiting Periods You’ll have access to new procedures the very day you sign up for Lincoln Dental Plans. This is different than dental insurance companies which will often make patients wait for treatments. Again, even necessary treatments are often buried by waiting periods. There’s no need to wait for the treatment you need with Lincoln Dental Plans. They offer great coverage and quite possibly, some of the best dental plans in Lincoln, NE especially for those who don’t have insurance!

No More Paperwork Thankfully, once you sign up for Lincoln Dental Plans you won’t have to do any more paperwork. This is unlike dental insurance, which has patients doing and looking through paperwork all the time.

Discounted Common Dental Treatments The purpose of Lincoln Dental Plans is to make dentistry affordable again. We do this by offering discounts on common dental services, such as root canals, dental fillings, removal of teeth, dental crowns, deep cleanings (Periodontal disease treatment) and many other services.

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Dental Insurance vs. Lincoln Dental Plans

For many of our patients, Lincoln Dental Plans has changed the way they pay for treatment. With dental insurance, they were often left high and dry. Others may not have had insurance at all. However, the best dental plans out there can even be similar or better, depending on your needs. Lincoln Dental Plans, in particular, is a great dental discount plan with many offerings that are unavailable from insurance:

 Dental InsuranceLincoln Dental Plans
Yearly maximum limit paid toward treatmentYesNo
100% Guarantee on Treatment CostsNoYes
Claims and EOBsYesNo
Limitations or Procedure DenialsYesNo
Waiting PeriodYesNo
A “Missing Tooth” ClauseYesNo
Yearly FeeYesYes

Best Dental Plans in Lincoln, NE, and Membership

Becoming a Lincoln Dental Plans member is easy. All you have to do is make an appointment with your local provider, and ask them about Lincoln Dental Plans. Then, your dentist or hygienist will help you decide the best dental plans depending on your needs. They’ll talk you through the different Lincoln Dental Plans, and ultimately they’ll help you choose a plan for yourself.

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Best Dental Plan Annual Plan Benefits 

All of the X-rays
Comprehensive exams
2 Regular cleanings
20% off all treatment 

Lincoln Dental Plans: best dental plans in Lincoln, NE

Ready to start using the Best Lincoln Dental Plans in Lincoln, NE? 
Call any of the Nebraska Family Dentistry Locations to enroll or contact at Lincoln Dental Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Dental Plans in Lincoln, NE


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I need to have a root canal. Will Lincoln Dental Plans cover root canals and crowns?

Lincoln Dental Plans is our best recommendation to help pay for root canals and crowns.  With this dental plan,  you’ll receive discounts on treatments like root canals and crowns.

Do all Lincoln dentists take Lincoln Dental Plans?

At this time, only Nebraska Family Dentistry locations accept Lincoln Dental Plans. In order to utilize your membership, be sure to see one of our dentists here in Lincoln.

Can I use two dental insurance plans?

In most cases, insurance companies will let you double up on insurance plans. It can sometimes reduce what you pay out of pocket. However, like anything it has certain caveats. For one, many dental insurance companies will include a “Non-duplication of benefits” clause in their contract with you. If your dental insurance has this, the secondary plan cannot cover anything if the primary plan has paid the same or more to cover a given treatment.

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