Stay Healthy on Fright Night

Good Halloween Candy for Teeth: Stay Healthy on Fright Night

Halloween  is meant to be fun, but what about all that candy. Should you really worry about what your kids eat? Are you wondering if there is a good Halloween candy for teeth? We’ve got you covered. Here we’ll discuss:

Another Fright Night is just around the corner. We’re all ready for another excuse to enjoy some tasty treats, but it’s important to consider our health a bit before we do. Unfortunately, the good Halloween candy for teeth isn’t always the greatest for us. Similarly, some of the healthiest candies might surprise you. For patients who have an overabundance of sweet treats, Nebraska Family Dentistry is participating in the Halloween candy buy-back in Lincoln, NE 2019. 

Today, we’ll rank Halloween candy and the impact it has on teeth. We will go from good all the way to the worst Halloween candy for teeth, based on the sugar contents of each. We’ve also got some tips, tricks, and treats for those looking to cut out some sugar this year.

Image of gummy bears. Wondering if they are good Halloween candy for teeth? Learn more on our webpage.

Before we do, it’s important to remember a couple things. First of all, even the candies with the lowest levels of sugar can lead to overeating. While you check the data out, don’t forget to pay attention to how much of any candy you or your family are eating. One way to help with this is by participating in the candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2019 program. Secondly, remember that the process can still be fun. You can still enjoy Halloween with your kids and/or family. Keep the Halloween spirit, without being haunted by the Halloween sweets!

The Good Halloween Candy for Teeth Based on Sugar

Maybe it goes without saying, but it’s always good to be aware of what you put inside your body. There isn’t much out there in the way of “healthy candy.” However, you can start by learning which candies are better than others. We used CalorieKing to map out the sugar contents of 25 different candies to rank them from good to bad. Check out what we found below.

Graph of the best Halloween candy for teeth ranked by sugar level, candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2018

Note: Because different candies come in different portion sizes, it’s important to be aware of the portions for any candy you consume. For example, a package of two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups makes up about 1.5 ounces. On the other hand, a roll of Smarties only contains about 0.4 ounces. To better compare the actual sugar contents of each candy, we compared them all at the one-ounce level.

We all know that the good Halloween candy is irresistible. But perhaps some candies are lower in sugars than others! If you like Nerds, notice that by consuming one ounce of Sour Patch Kids at a time, you can cut sugar intake in half. The same applies across the board. If nothing else, use the following three tips to keep your sugar intake down this Halloween:

  • Eat candies that are lower in sugar content.
  • Reduce the amount of candy you consume.
  • Participate in a candy buy-back in Lincoln, NE 2019 to get rid of extra candy you may have in the house.

Both are simple to practice! Just start small and try to improve day to day or week to week. Also, remember that it’s okay to struggle. Changing dietary habits isn’t easy, especially with easy access to many of the good Halloween candies. But with a little encouragement and accountability, we believe you and/or your family can do it!

best halloween candy for teeth image of and ice cream, candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2018

Good Halloween Candy for Teeth:
Why Candy Isn’t Bad, and How to Eat it The Right Way

Contrary to popular belief, candy isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. But its sugar is known to cause some pretty serious health problems for those who overdo it. This includes damage to the teeth and gums. But perhaps worst of all, high levels of sugar are linked to chronic inflammation. Like anything, candy isn’t inherently bad. The biggest problem is over-consumption, but that can be said of anything. There are endless examples of foods, drinks, and otherwise, that are okay in moderation, but terrible in large doses.  This is why doing a candy buy-back in Lincoln, NE 2019, is a great way to help avoid over-consumption by limiting the quantity available. 

While inflammation is a part of the body’s natural response to foreign organisms, chronic inflammation happens when there isn’t necessarily anything foreign to fight off. Any anti-inflammatory diet is sure to help master your inflammation levels. But binging on candy is a surefire way to heighten the body’s inflammation response.

With that being said, one of the most mindful ways to eat candy is to do so in moderation. Even as a dentist in Lincoln, NE we’d be hard-pressed to tell patients to avoid candy altogether. Instead, you should be aware of how much candy you eat, and be informed and knowledgeable about overeating and the effects. Besides – if you eat less candy at a time, it’ll last much longer!

best halloween candy for teeth image of component: sugar, candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2018

Sugar and Inflammation

In 1999, the average American consumed 111 grams of sugar per day. That was the all-time high for American sugar consumption. Last year, sugar consumption was down to 94 grams per day, according to CBS. Thankfully, the trend seems to be slowly steering away from over-consumption of sugar.

But what is it that makes sugar so bad? Like we mentioned before, high sugar consumption is related to inflammation. When a person’s internal organs are inflamed as a result of sugar, it decreases the body’s ability to fight infection. As we approach cold and flu season, this can be of high importance. When you or your child consumes a lot of sugar, they’re more susceptible to diseases that make their way throughout the body.

Consuming high-sugar foods also causes immediate spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels. This results in a blood sugar crash. A blood sugar crash causes intense hunger and cravings for more sugar or carbohydrates. All too often, these cravings and hunger cause people to consume more sugar. This is why, when a person regularly consumes high levels of sugar, it can be tough to break the habit.

Another common American problem linked with sugar is obesity. The CDC has said that obesity affects more than one-third of American adults. Obesity, in turn, is related to heart disease and a whole slew of other severe diseases.

As you can probably see, it isn’t hard to stack up reasons to avoid sugar. While we need to be honest about that, we also recognize that all this data is meaningless without a solution. To really benefit our bodies, we need to talk about how to cut out sugar and reduce inflammation.

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Reducing the Inflammation Response

A simple way to reduce the inflammation response is by cutting out sugar. But how can a person do this? One tip is to fill your diet with other foods that are nutritious and anti-inflammatory. While the word “diet” seems intimidating, here we’ll just use it to describe the reality of what we’re eating.

For Americans, the main descriptor of an anti-inflammatory diet is reducing sugar intake. Even the good Halloween candy for teeth can be consumed in moderation! Further, filling your diet with these other foods will benefit the cause:

best new year resolution from Lincoln,NE dentist


Leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, kale, or broccoli are a major part of any anti-inflammatory diet. Many of these vegetables are very high in antioxidants and healthy minerals. A diet with lots of vegetables will naturally benefit an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

best new year resolution from Lincoln,NE dentist


As little as half a cup of fruits can help fight inflammation. Like vegetables, many fruits are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that fight inflammation. Additionally, most fruits contribute to healthy flora in our gut, improving digestion. Blueberries and pineapple are especially beneficial in reducing inflammation.

avoid best halloween candy for teeth with fish oil, candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2018

Fish or Fish Oil

Fish or fish oil contain high levels of omega-3s. Omega-3s are a potent anti-inflammatory. Combined with fruits and vegetables, a regular diet of fish will fight inflammation greatly.

avoid best halloween candy for teeth with mixed seeds, candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2018


Seeds are linked to improved heart health and fighting arthritis. In particular, chia seeds are a well-known anti-inflammatory that has high levels of omega-3s and omega-6s.

avoid best halloween candy for teeth with mixed nuts, candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2018


Nuts are similar to the role of seeds in dietary benefit. Almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts all contain the fatty acids that help improve heart health and fight inflammation.

spices nfd

Herbs and Spices

A handful of herbs and spices also play a role in fighting inflammation. Turmeric, for instance, has been linked to the prevention of metabolic syndrome. Other helpful herbs and spices include cloves, rosemary, cayenne, basil, and cinnamon.

avoid best halloween candy for teeth with mixed beans, candy buy-back Lincoln, NE 2018


Fiber-rich beans are another great, natural anti-inflammatory. They’re great for your digestive tract, and they’re linked to weight loss and general wellness.

With all of these, you’ll notice that the sugar contents are very low. By nature of practicing an anti-inflammatory diet, you’ll begin to weed sugar out of your diet altogether. Then, you can use sugar as a treat for special occasions, and it’ll be easier to count your sugars on a given day.

You can find more anti-inflammation information here.

Hidden Sources of Sugar Beyond the Good Halloween Candy for Teeth

While candy is an obvious source of sugar, many other foods and drinks are not. In an American child’s diet, there are several hidden sources of sugar beyond the good Halloween candy for teeth. Below are some of the most common sources of sugar for children.

Image of a glass of milk. Milk would absolutely be good Halloween candy for teeth, except nobody hands out milk at Halloween.
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Juice
  • Sports Drinks
  • Cereal
  • Bread
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Canned Fruit
  • Granola Bars
  • Noodles
  • Pop Tarts

Additionally, you can look for hidden sources of sugar in the ingredients. Some of the most common sugars in ingredients are disguised by their names. But make no mistake! The following ingredients are all forms of sugar:

Image of a spoonful of honey. Learn more on our website about good Halloween candy for teeth.
  • Mean Table Sugar
  • Brown Sugar
  • Raw Sugar
  • Turbinado Sugar
  • Honey
  • Maple
  • Corn Sweetener
  • Dextrose
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Any Word Ending in “-ose”
  • Barley Malt
  • Rice Syrup
  • Liquid Cane Sugar
  • Concentrated Fruit Juice

Another helpful tip is to ignore the word “organic” when it comes to sugar. Although organic or raw sugar is healthier, it’s still sugar. The negative effects of consuming organic sugar are very similar to those of processed sugars.

Good Halloween Candy for Teeth:
Extra Tips, Tricks, and Treats for Cutting Out Sugar

While it’s definitely helpful to know how much sugar each candy has, it isn’t the whole picture. Be sure to follow these tips to keep you and your family’s health in check this Halloween.

1. Set a candy limit for yourself or your child.

Set goals for yourself or your kids, such as, “I can only eat two pieces of candy per night.” Start with what you regularly consume (i.e. one to five pieces). Then, choose a slightly smaller amount and try to keep yourself to that amount for a week. Each week thereafter, subtract one or two pieces until you’re at a comfortable spot. This will help you enjoy your candy more when you do eat it, and it’ll last much longer! Participating in a program such as the candy buy-back in Lincoln, NE 2019, will help reduce the amount of candy available in your home.

2. Check nutrition facts and ingredient labels.

As we briefly mentioned before, nutrition facts and ingredients can be a great resource. Even if you’re eating a lot of candy, start reading nutrition facts and ingredient labels. This can be helpful for all kinds of foods. But it’s especially helpful when it comes to candy. This will help you learn what you or your family are putting into the body and what the good Halloween candy for teeth is. It’ll also help you make changes more quickly when you’re ready to start limiting your sugar intake. After you read the nutrition facts, you may decide you want to participate in program Nebraska Family Dentistry offers called, candy buy-back in Lincoln, Ne 2019.

3. Get rid of as much Halloween candy as possible the night of Halloween.

On Halloween night, don’t be afraid to be generous with trick-or-treaters! This will avoid leftover candy around the house. It’ll also help your trick-or-treaters appreciate your house as they come by. If your own child has too much candy after trick-or-treating, have them participate in the candy buy-back in Lincoln, NE this year. 

4. Visit the dentist to keep a helpful eye on your health.

Maybe we’re biased because we’re dentists in Lincoln. However, seeing your dentist twice a year will help you ensure a healthy mouth. They’ll make sure you aren’t missing spots or accidentally damaging your teeth. Ultimately, it’ll help you avoid bigger dental problems in the future!

5. Enjoy the taste; not the quantity.

You can still taste candy with just a bite! Split the candy with someone you care about, and savor the small amount for a longer time.

At the end of the day, the good Halloween candy does have sugar. This time of year, that sugar has a tendency to haunt people. Its victims are often children and teenagers. However, as Jimmy Kimmel has shown the last few years, parents are known to eat candy too!

As you limit candy intake for you and your family, don’t forget to offer yourself some grace. These are tough habits to kick, but it can be done. And although it can be very hard work, remember the reward waiting on the other side – a long life and a happy, healthy Halloween. Search for a Nebraska Family Dentistry location “near me” to find the most convenient location for candy buy-back in Lincoln, NE 2019.

Trick or Treat?

We covered a lot in this article! So, here is a short list to recap the main points that we discussed. Just remember these simple tips before sending your ghouls and goblins out this Halloween:

  • We all know that a diet full of sugar is bad for teeth and overall health.
  • Sugar can cause many problems including allergies, eczema, and weight gain.
  • A diet high in sugar can also cause inflammation. While inflammation isn’t entirely bad, it can however cause chronic conditions. Thus, ultimately leading to a child being ill more often. Let’s keep them healthy, so everyone can enjoy the holidays!
  • Completely avoiding sugar is impossible, so the key is to find a healthy balance. Share with buddies or coworkers!
  • You can find that healthy balance by participating in our program called Candy Buy-Back in Lincoln, NE 2019.
  • Trick or treat, smell our feet, bring Nebraska Family Dentistry the candy you didn’t eat!! This promotion will be honored at ANY of our FIVE Nebraska Family Dentistry Locations in Lincoln, NE! Questions? Contact us.
  • All treats and no tricks, this promotion runs from November 1st through November 8th, 2019 
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